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Elizabeth Novakovic

Elizabeth Novakovic

Founder of Vegorium - Producers of vegan T-shirts

Appearing on Saturday at the FxEctive Factor

Vegan t-shirts are a non-intrusive, emotionally detached form of activism, it is the viewer's choice to read the message or not and as they will most likely be strangers they have no personal connection, therefore the only thing that will resonate with them is the message on the t-shirt. Vegorium provides a different range of vegan message t-shirts, some stronger, some mild, this mix is essential for the vegan message as we know people respond differently to the varying messages. Continual exposure to the vegan message will chip away at the social conditioning which has people living as omnivores. It's amazing to see the amount of looks you get when a simple ‘Vegan' t-shirt is worn, the misconception of vegans is so instilled in people that just seeing a vegan is a novel experience to some!

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