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Cookery Demos

Cookery Demos

You can find plenty of culinary tips on vegan cuisines on the first floor.

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Cookery demo worktable kindly supplied by Vegusto


12.00 - 12.45 - Oliver Bragg (Vegetarian for Life) - Creamy polenta with mushrooms and truffle oil

1.00 - 1.45 - Nishma Shah - Spice it up!

2.00 - 2.45 - Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

3.00 - 3.45 - Day Radley - Creating nutritious food in a flash

4.00 - 4.45 - Tom Vilasek (Green Rabbit Kitchen) - Buckwheat pancakes for families and kids and Quick Vege Dish

5.00 - 5.45 - Adrian Smith - Canapes and Party food



11.00 - 11.45 - Judy Barber - Yummy Raw Sauces and Nutritious Sprouts make all the difference in Vegan meals'

12.00 - 12.45 - Matty Bowling - Use your noodle

1.00 - 1.45 - Kirly Sue - Kirly-Sue's Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

2.00 - 2.45 - Adrian Smith - Canapes and Party food

3.00 - 3.45 - Brianna Jackfruitson


Kirly Sue - Kirly-Sue's Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

Have you been struggling to find what to put in a vegan Lunch box? then this cooking demo is for you. Come along and learn what hot and cold options you can put in your vegan lunchbox.

This will include great ideas for children and for adults too. In addition there will be an opportunity to get some recipes to take away with you. To add to the fun and excitement there will, be a few prizes up for grabs too.

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Nishma Shah - Spice it up!

Join Nishma of Shambhu's as she shares her tips and knowledge about spices. Nishma will show you how various spices achieve that exotic vibrancy of flavours, aromas and colours, and indicate their many healing qualities. Nishma will be demonstrating a protein-rich, spice-enhanced, main dish in this session.

I am a Kenyan-born Indian, from the Jain community. In 2005, I launched Shambhu's, an award-winning vegan food business based in London.

Through Shambhu's, I aim to show you how delicious, varied and nutritious vegan food can be, and teach you how simple it is to prepare :-)

I'm delighted and excited to be involved in this year's incredible VegfestUK events.

I invite you to:
- explore the various cookery classes I'm running (adults and children), and
- try out my food by ordering through my vegan catering service.

Do sign up to Shambhu's e-bulletins, and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that you're informed of new classes, events and other news from Shambhu's.

Shambhu's cookery classes:
Shambhu's catering service:

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Oliver Bragg (Roving Chef, Vegetarian for Life) - Creamy polenta with mushrooms and truffle oil

Using UK seasonal veg and home-grown ingredients, this demo will focus on how you can create a restaurant-standard, but deceptively simple vegan meal to impress!

With an interest in nutritional health, Oliver aims to create healthy, beautiful dishes that reflect his passion for seasonality and sustainability. He enjoys redefining contemporary non-meat cuisine by experimenting with original flavour combinations and modern techniques, as well as considering optimum nutritional needs.

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Tom Vilasek (Green Rabbit Kitchen) - Buckwheat pancakes for families and kids and Quick Vege Dish

How to make easy, simply vegan gastro food in them houses and how to mix some unusual ingredients together how works and how good can cook it for themselves or family occasions and also for kids.

Hello, I'm Tom Vilasek. I'm full of love and here to show you how to cook easy and healthy food. Originally I'm from the Czech Republic, but in 2006 I came to Brighton and I can never forget how excited I was, and still am about this city.

Since 2006 I have cooked in traditional British Pubs and Restaurants starting as a Commis chef, CDP, Junior Sous and Sous Chef... I also had the opportunity to take on the roll of Head Chef for a while until I realized I didn't want to coanymoreany more.

I am grateful for all of the experience with international and English Head chefs from gastro, fine dining and Michelin Restaurants but I was always curious about cooking without using animal products. In the kitchen you learn every day but the big challenge for me is Vegan artistic kitchen. I think, make and create something different using mixed spices and herbs in my cooking and finding a new recipe is always very exciting. Sometimes people ask, why vegan?

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Adrian Smith - Canapes and Party food

Adrian is the Head Chef and co-founder of Vegan Peasant Catering. Specialising in 100% plant based canape and bowl food service, one of the few companies bringing exclusively fine vegan food to the world of events catering.

Adrian also works as a private chef. As we don't all have the pleasure of good vegetarian restaurants close to home, his task is to turn your home into a restaurant for the night. With menus tailored to your event and culinary tastes, Adrian will create dishes to inspire and satiate the keenest appetites.

When Adrian is not in the kitchen he can usually be found cycling around London or beyond. He has enjoyed many rides in the UK, Europe and east as far as India.
"My love of good food is a continuous journey. And my food tip to you, just once a month try something you have never eaten before".

Here at vegfest Adrian will show you how to recreate a selection of canapes. Perfect for parties these mini delights look as amazing as they taste.

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Judy Barber - Yummy Raw Sauces and Nutritious Sprouts make all the difference in Vegan meals'

Judy Barber, author of 'Good Raw Food Recipes', teaches people about Delicious Raw and Living Food for energy and Wellness. Raw, and especially Living Sprouted foods, are essential for optimum Vegan nutrition. Learn how to grow sprouts at home and how to make quick simple sauces for turning everyday meals into gourmet treats.


Matty Bowling - Use your noodle

Matty Bowling is operations director at acclaimed 1847 Vegetarian Restaurant Group where he oversees it's four sites and develops their menus. Trained in his native New Zealand he then went on to travel the world and immersed himself in its flavours. Arriving in England, he started his UK adventure at Ottolenghi where his views on food and flavour were changed and his passion for vegetables was ignited.

Matty's move to the south coast came with a role at award winning Brighton restaurant Terre a Terre where he was appointed head chef and remained there for four years.

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Day Radley - Creating nutritious food in a flash

Cooking can be time-consuming and unappealing after a long day. As a pro-chef who cooks for others every day I don't want to spend lots of time cooking for myself either! I have perfected the art of creating nutritious food in a flash. Let me show you how to hack your way to healthy eating.

Vegan Chef Day is a personal chef and cooking presenter who has worked with Holland & Barrett, The Vegan Society and many vegan brands. She presents the Sunday Vegan Cookalong where she invites you to cook with her from your own kitchen. Through Facebook Live you are able to ask questions throughout the show and be part of a growing vegan community.

Her vibrant, easy recipes can be found in a variety of vegan magazines and on her website -

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Brianna Jackfruitson

Brianna is a young and vibrant vegan YouTuber who aims to inspire people to improve their mental and physical health all while saving animals and the planet. She chose her name because of her love for jackfruit - a tropical fruit she enjoyed along her travels across Asia! After suffering from an eating disorder for over 5 years, she also shows how going vegan helped her heal her relationship with food and gave her a new passion in life! Her channel is full of recipes, travel, lifestyle tips and more!

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Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

For many people the hardest part of becoming a vegan is doing without cheese! In her popular classes Mel Rogers shows us that we dont have to do without and can create delicious vegan cheese for ourselves.The simple recipes that Mel has developed are easy to make and adaptable for family cooking, using affordable ingredients that are easy to find, the methods she demonstrates will give you the skills and knowledge to experiment with your favourite flavours and to create vegan cheese in your own kitchen.

Mel Rogers is a musician and a vegan chef. A lifelong vegetarian, she started honing her culinary skills touring the festival circuit, cooking in tour busses and on camp fires. She became a vegan after joining a vegan a festival co-op, The Umbrella Fair, where it became her job to develop the cafe. A move to Bristol and a desire to promote vegan activism through food led to her founding Mel's Kindness Kitchen in 2015. She now teaches classes all over the country and has many invites from vegan fairs for her popular demos.

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