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Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Please scroll underneath the images below for availability of stalls

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Power is only available at stalls coloured in yellow on the maps

Green areas denote seating areas

The following rate brackets apply to different stalls:

Rate 1 - stalls beginning with letters Q, T, U

Rate 2 - stalls beginning with letters N, O, P, R, S

Rate 3 - stalls beginning with letters A - M and CAT

See stall prices page for full details on pricing


NOTE: Any stallholder who wishes to do any form of cooking must be located in stalls with numbers beginning with A - L or CAT. There is to be strictly no cooking at other stalls at the event.

Ground Floor 

First Floor

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Ground Floor

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Stalls Availability

Stall Saturday Sunday
R2 Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
R3 Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
R4 Vegan Bodybuilding Vegan Bodybuilding
R5 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
R6 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan

R10 The Black Cab - massage  The Black Cab - massage 
R11 The Black Cab - massage  The Black Cab - massage 
R12 Vegetarian Guides Vegetarian Guides
R13 Mooncup Mooncup
R14 Equinox Gifted Thoughts Equinox Gifted Thoughts
R16 Vegorium Vegorium
R17 Vegan Deviant Vegan Deviant
R18 Cowley club Cowley club
R19 The Black Cab Coffee Co The Black Cab Coffee Co
R21 OptiBac Probiotics OptiBac Probiotics
R22 Good Full Stop Good Full Stop
R23 Beauty Gate  Beauty Gate 
R24 Global Fusion Global Fusion
S3 Nomad Health Nomad Health
S4 Hun Foods Ltd Hun Foods Ltd
S5 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
S6 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
S7 Siskyn Skincare Oils Siskyn Skincare Oils
S8 The Coconut Collaborative The Coconut Collaborative
S9 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
S10 Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapy Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapy
S12 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
S13 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
S14 TreeVitalise Birch Water TreeVitalise Birch Water
S17 Ringana Ringana
S19 Free From Italy Free From Italy
T1 Hempish Hempish
T2 Hempish Hempish
T3 Friends of Inti Wara Yassi Friends of Inti Wara Yassi
T4 Rogue Gypsy  Rogue Gypsy
T5 Brahma Kumaris Brahma Kumaris
T6 theVegWays theVegWays
T7 Iuvo Skincare Iuvo Skincare
T8 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers
T9 doTerra doTerra
T10 Jo Larcombe Jo Larcombe
U1 Vegan Rex Gabriela Lerner - Radiant on Raw
U2 Simply Naturals Simply Naturals
U3 Purple Nanny Purple Nanny
U4 Mei's Homemade Quality Sauces Mei's Homemade Quality Sauces
U5 Greens for Animal Protection Greens for Animal Protection
U6 Watts Kork Watts Kork
U7 United Patients Alliance United Patients Alliance

U9 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
U10 Rockers Dairy Free

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First Floor

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Stalls availability - Food Village

Stall Saturday Sunday
CAT1 World Food World Food
CAT2 Greek Vegan Deli Greek Vegan Deli
CAT3 Clear Ocean - Vegusto  Clear Ocean - Vegusto
CAT4 Brownins Brownins
CAT5 Vegan Earthlings Vegan Earthlings
CAT6 Green Elephant Green Elephant
CAT7 Loving Hut Express Loving Hut Express
CAT8 Simply Veg Simply Veg
CAT9 Butcherless Butcherless
CAT10 Purezza Purezza
CAT11 Pomodoro E Basilico Pomodoro E Basilico
CAT12 Damage Limitation Damage Limitation
CAT13 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
CAT14 Happy Maki Happy Maki
CAT15 Loving Hut The Level Loving Hut The Level
CAT16 Beelzebab Beelzebab
CAT17 St Best St Best
CAT18 Bun Bun
CAT19 Vegan Dishes Vegan Dishes

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Stalls Availability - Stalls on first floor

Stall Saturday Sunday
A1 Raw food Rosie's
A2 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
A3 Conscious Chocolate Conscious Chocolate
A4 Tofuture Tofuture
B1 Aquapax  Aquapax 
B2 Mr Nice Pie Mr Nice Pie
B3 Liberty Loves
B4 Hunt Saboteurs Asociation  Hunt Saboteurs Asociation
B5 Boostball Boostball
B6 Vegan Food and Living Vegan Food and Living
B7 Follow Your Heart UK  Follow Your Heart UK 
B8 Yourtonic  Yourtonic 
C1 Soupologie Soupologie
C2 Boho Gelato Miss Muffin Top
C3 Living Beings Living Beings
C4 Population Matters Population Matters
C5 Plamil Plamil
C6 Plamil Plamil
C7 Sussex Badger Vaccination Project Sussex Badger Vaccination Project
C8 Cats Protection Helpline Cats Protection Helpline
D1 Valentte London Valentte London
D3 Vitalise Nutrition Vitalise Nutrition
D4 Pulsin' Pulsin'
D5 Valentte London Valentte London
D7 Clean Living Collection Clean Living Collection

The College of
Naturopathic Medicine

The College of
Naturopathic Medicine
E2 Living Naturally Living Naturally
E3 Solkiki Craft Chocolatemaker Solkiki Craft Chocolatemaker
E4 TeenVGN TeenVGN
E5 Animal Protection Agency Foundation Animal Protection Agency Foundation
E6 The Nude Spoon The Nude Spoon
E8 Elspeth's Kitchen Elspeth's Kitchen
F1 Zendegii Frill Zendegii Frill
F2 Uncaptive Uncaptive
F4 Veganicity Veganicity
F5 Vegan Life Magazine Vegan Life Magazine

F8 Incognito  Incognito
G1 Hugletts Wood Hugletts Wood
G2 Cocoafeliz Cocoafeliz
G3 Cocoafeliz Cocoafeliz
G4 Jason Jason 
G5 Animal Equailty Animal Equailty
G7 Green Olives Green Olives
G8 Jason Jason
H1 Yaoh Yaoh
H2 Lush Lush
H3 BodyMe BodyMe
H4 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
H5 Perkier Foods Perkier Foods
H7 Green Gorilla Green Gorilla
H8 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
I1 Moodley Manor Moodley Manor
I2 Yorica Yorica
I3 Yorica Yorica
I4 Dr Hadwen Trust Dr Hadwen Trust
I5 The Black Cab Coffee Co The Black Cab Coffee Co
I6 Besos de Oro Besos de Oro
I7 Grazer Grazer
I8 Ethics and Antics Ethics and Antics
J1 Creative Nature Creative Nature
J2 Chiaralascura Chiaralascura
J4 New Internationalist New Internationalist
J5 Animal Aid Animal Aid
J6 Animal Aid Animal Aid
J8 Ananda's Marshmallows Ananda's Marshmallows
K1 Greenscents Greenscents
K2 Anticarnist Anticarnist
K3 De fruit bar De fruit bar
K4 Cruelty Free International Cruelty Free International
K5 The Organic Spirits Co The Organic Spirits Co
K6 Vegan Living Magazine Vegan Living Magazine
K7 Jade Green Vegan Jade Green Vegan
K8 Cairn O'Mohr  Cairn O'Mohr
K9 Gnawesome Gnawesome
K10 Pupa Vegan Pupa Vegan
L1 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
L2 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
L3 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
L4 Thamon London Thamon London
M1 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
M3 Laura Zabo Laura Zabo
M4 Arctic Power Berries Arctic Power Berries
M6 Alternative Stores Alternative Stores
N1 Ikigai Apparel Ikigai Apparel
N2 Adam's Fresh Chocolate Adam's Fresh Chocolate
N3 Agharta Jewellery Agharta Jewellery
N4 Cool Jerk Vegan Pies Cool Jerk Vegan Pies
N5 Wise Owl Cider Wise Owl Cider
N6 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
N7 Bohemian Chic Minerals Bohemian Chic Minerals
N8 Freet Footwear Freet Footwear

N11 Mylittleglutenfreekitchen Mylittleglutenfreekitchen
N12 Naturally Smart Skincare Naturally Smart Skincare
O2 Mels Kindness Kitchen Clean and Natural

O10 Animals Asia Brighton & Hove Animals Asia Brighton & Hove
P1 Greek Animal Rescue Greek Animal Rescue
P2 Greek Cat Welfare Society UK Greek Cat Welfare Society UK
P9 Pitfields Happy Sturgeon Bar Pitfields Happy Sturgeon Bar
P10 Pitfields Happy Sturgeon Bar Pitfields Happy Sturgeon Bar
P11 Ethicoco Ethicoco
P13 Just Greek Just Greek

Q2 College of Alkaline Nutrition College of Alkaline Nutrition
Q3 RealSauceCo RealSauceCo
Q4 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds
Q5 The Vegan Hangout The Black Fish UK
Q6 Rawcocoa UK Rawcocoa UK
Q7 Rosina Makes
Q8 Vegan Festivals UK Vegan Festivals UK
Q9 Kokoa UK Kokoa UK
Q10 Babbaloos Bakery Ltd
Q11 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
Q12 Zim's Tribe Zim's Tribe
Q13 Arbonne Arbonne

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