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Performance Area

The Performances are spread over 2 stages - the Main Stage on 3/F, and the Buskers Stage near the Exit - and you will find some fantastic live perfomances, mainly acoustic, for your entertainment.

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Schedule (performers biographies underneath schedules)


Main Stage
(on 3/F)

Buskers Stage
(near Exit)


12:00 - 12:45  Edd Keene  Tally Spear
1:00 - 1:45  De Fuego  Ian Haywood
2:00 - 2:45  Mitchell & Vincent  Edd Keene
3:00 - 3:45  Ian Haywood  De Fuego
4:00 - 4:45  Jo Larcombe
 Mitchell & Vincent
5:00 - 5:45  Vegan Bodybuilding Competition  


11:00 - 11:45  Shacal  Chloe Ray
12:00 - 12:45  Captains Beard
 Mobius Loop
1:00 - 1:45  Chloe Ray  Shacal
2:00 - 2:45  Gad Zukes  Mobius Loop
3:00 - 3:45  Pete Hicks  Captains Beard
4:00 - 4:45  Genevieve Lamborn

Helen Wright

Edd Keene

Edd Keene aka The Green Man, has been touring the festival circuit in the UK and Europe since 2007, captivating audiences with his unique Live Looping act.

He is skilled in Saxophone and Flute as well as Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Vocals, incorporating them all into his act.

He records and layers them up completely live with no pre recordings, to create his tracks which range from Reggae to Jazz, Folk and Middle Eastern styles.

A must see at any event, his act is one that must be seen as well as heard.

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Tally spear

I’m a 20-year-old songwriter, born and living in London. I’m very inspired by Dylan, Neil Young and other folk influences rooted in the 60s. I’d love to see more artists bringing folk music to this era; it’s a genre with so much meaning and history to it. So I guess that’s what I’m doing; fusing Greenwich Village folk influences with a British ‘pop’ sound.

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De Fuego is a sensational guitar duo, playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music who gained reputation in the English summer festivals with their upbeat passionate sound and percussive guitar techniques. In the past few years they performed in various major festivals, including Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Sziget Fesztival (HU) and Meadows in the Mountains (BU) and also headlined in smaller UK festivals. In the beginning of 2015 they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to record their second album "Davide" which was released in October 2015 and being reviewed by many world music magazines, including Fatea Magazine, Songlines, F-roots.

Spotify link to the album:
This is one of their video footage:
Live performance in Glastonbury Festival 2015:

"Edina's rhythm is spot on, steady and punchy, and Mark's lead is both fluid and crisp." Fatea Magazine

"De Fuego are just something else. Totally humble and unassuming as individuals, but don’t let this deceive you! From the second the first pluck hits the airwaves you’re swept away with their passion"

"Their entertainment value can be likened to two polite boxers shadow-sparring or two tango dancers who have swallowed something and allowed their lower halves to go off and do the St. Vitus reel. This is spectacle" Songlines magazine

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Playing lively traditional music from the British Isles on Fiddle and Nylon strung Guitar; Mitchell and Vincent mix full on instrumentals alongside their own arrangements of traditional songs.

Based in Dorset and Somerset, they perform all over the South West and beyond and have been described as playing: ‘Distinctive yet fresh traditional folk', musicians who ‘tell stories with their melodies' and simply ‘Flippin' brilliant!'. They were picked out as the Lyme Folk Weekend 2014 highlight of the festival after bringing the ‘crowd to tears one moment and to their feet the next'.

Twitter: @mitchellandvin plus @mitchellandvinc

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Inverted Row Contest

The event will be bodyweight inverted rows. Entrants will try to see how many continuous repetitions they can achieve. Partial reps will not be allowed & the judges may end any event if they feel a safety issue arises (either to the contestant or the audience).

Males will do full repetitions while females will do repetitions with the knees bent to 90°. There will be prizes for all entrants.

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Gad Zukes are an all family rock band made up of five brothers and sisters. Based between France and the UK, the band has performed numerous times throughout the two countries.

Inspired by the world of Jules Verne (Round the World in 80 Days), Gad Zukes has set out to make new ripples on the sound waves. The two sisters, (Lily and Tee) share lead vocals and add some ukelele folk and driven guitar to the three brothers' (Loz, Francis and James) punk/rock backing. With their catchy melodies, edgy riffs, vibrant and engaging shows, Gad Zukes are a spectacle to be seen by every man woman and child! 

Sacré Bleu, Gad Zukes has landed!

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Yarrr! The Captain's Beard be a company o' travelin' troubadors on a quest te bring the finest o' sea shantys and forebitters to the ears of all who'll listen. We play songs of the grog, grot and grime that comes o' travelling the high seas. Find an "like" us at:  

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Genevieve Lamborn

Genevieve Lamborn is a British singer-songwriter born and raised in Brittany, France. At 22 years old, Genevieve has already become a talented performer in the pop, folk and rock genres with numerous projects in France and the UK and she is now launching her solo career as a singer-songwriter.

Inspired by artists like KT Tunstall, Eva Cassidy and Mumford & Sons she has gone on to develop her own style.

Genevieve is currently recording her debut EP, "Beyond the Garden", to be released later this year. She will be touring in both France and the UK, so stay tuned for more videos, gigs and news!

My project:


London based Chloe Ray who grew up in Wallington, South London has just returned from New York City where her latest release "The Waiting Room" was mastered by Grammy nominated Emily Lazar at The Lodge.

Growing up influenced by artists such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Alanis Morissette, Ani Difranco, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan she found a 12-string guitar and her own unique emotive and spellbinding sound.

After extensively performing and song-writing since an early age Chloe Ray has teamed up with 84 Records and will begin her UK tour in February 2016.

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Jo has been writing and performing for a number of years with a love for folk, country and roots music. She writes for the sheer pleasure of it and also performs acoustic covers with a few twists.

She is currently working with Rob Turner to write and produce a new collection of songs for their forthcoming EP, ‘The Story Line', as well as recording vocals for bass player and producer Flavio Baldo.

Jo is very much looking forward to performing at this years Vegfest events, especially as she and her daughters have all been enjoying the rewards of a vegan diet since visiting Vegfest Brighton last year!

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Pete Hicks is a vocalist with an international reputation and is probably best remembered as the original vocalist with ex-Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett's first touring and recording band.

Over the years, he has been a guest artist on a number of significant Progressive Rock albums.

When he's not working in the studio or 'guesting', he's making solo appearances as a singer/songwriter in his own right, playing original Americana-style songs depicting those identifiable situations and recognisable characters that we've all encountered. Songs that are sometimes 'quirky' and often 'melancholic', but always vividly portrayed through entertaining lyrics and music, He has been a Vegan for over thirty years.

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Ian Haywood

I am a vegan composer/pianist/singer-songwriter and am delighted to be invited back to play at Vegfest Brighton in 2017. Last year I released two charity songs, Cargo of Shame benefitting animal charities, and my Christmas song City Story helping the homeless. I also signed to Oakfield Records last year and released my first album of ambient piano music entitled Inspired by Nature, which is available on iTunes and all major digital media. I will be playing a selection of these at Vegfest this year and look forward to seeing you there!
Cargo of Shame Video:
Inspired by Nature link:
Free piano track from Inspired by Nature available for download at:

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Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown

(photo credit: John Middleham)

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Shacal (formerly Major Arcana) is an animal rights band that use music to get the message of animal exploitation out to the general public.

Based in Barcelona, Sharon and Calero are also "hands on" frontline activists. They have been on many Spanish TV and radio programs and have performed in many countries promoting veganism

Their new AR songs have just been recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios, London, in both English and Spanish and have the famous 80´s star Aurelio Morata, not just collaborating musically on the tracks, but also as sole producer of this new AR project..SHACAL!.

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Helen Wright

I've been playing the violin and viola since childhood. I've played in various orchestras, currently the Epsom Symphony. I'm from Surrey. I like swimming, art, music, yoga, and spreading the vegan message far and wide. I have a Facebook page: 'Eco-friendly Vegan Geek'.

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