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April 2017

Apr 20th - VegfestUK Brighton 2017 Easy Veganism sessions with BSL interpretation -

Apr 17th - Distinguished guests and experts discussed how easy veganism is at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Apr 3rd - VegfestUK Brighton 2017 Visitor Survey Results -


March 2017

Mar 7th - VegfestUK Brighton & Bristol 2017 welcome visitors with disabilities -

Mar 2nd - Magic shows and face painting return to VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Mar 2nd - Visionary author and speaker Dr. Will Tuttle to speak via Skype at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 - 

Mar 1st - ‘Go Vegan’ radio adverts running all week on Juice 107FM Brighton -


February 2017

Feb 24th - Brand-new Easy Veganism section at VegfestUK Brighton looks at the ABC’s of a vegan way of life for beginners to veganism -

Feb 20th - Brand-new showcase of vegan Youtubers video work at VegfestUK Brighton -

Feb 17th - Take advantage of numerous special offers from stallholders at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Feb 16th - Intersectional Vegan Summit continues at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 after debut at Olympia -

Feb 16th - Amazing chefs to demonstrate how to bring vegan ingredients alive at VegfestUK Brighton -

Feb 15th - Vegan cookery classes for the little ones at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Feb 13th - UK Vegan Comedy Festival is back at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Feb 13th - Uplifting performances from 2 stages in store at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 -

Feb 7th - Hang out with like-minded vegan teens at the Teen Zone -

Feb 6th - Mature Zone returns to VegfestUK Brighton with all aspects of veganism in later life -


January 2017

Jan 25th - Inspiring documentaries on veganism to be shown at VegfestUK Brighton -

Jan 20th - Celebrity vegans hit Brighton big time – and we mean BIG time -

Jan 9th - AMAZING array of caterers at VegfestUK Brighton to serve up a sumptuous vegan food feast -

Jan 1st - Advance tickets for VegfestUK Brighton 2017 now on sale -


September 2016

Sept 27th - VegfestUK Brighton 2017 website now live for stall bookings! -


APRIL 2016

Apr 19th - Adults would do well to follow simple rules taught to kids by a Pirate Children's entertainer

Apr 16th - "COMPASSION" - VegfestUK Brighton 2016 Film

Apr 16th - POLL: Which form of activism should we be focusing on the most?

Apr 15th - POLL RESULTS: What's your favourite food to eat at Vegfest?

Apr 13th - Interest in Veganism Doubles again since April 2015

Apr 1st - POLL: What's your favourite food to eat at Vegfest?


march 2016

Mar 30th - Vegan Business Talk 013: Interview with Tim Barford of Yaoh and VegFestUK

Mar 28th - Christopher Sebastian - Intersections of Justice: Building an Inclusive Animal Rights Movement

Mar 27th - The FxEctive Factor FULL VIDEOS now available to watch here - enjoy!

Mar 27th - Tim Barford reviews 'Vegan Ventures' by Katrina Fox

Mar 27th - Tim Barford - VegfestUK and the Vegan Philosophy - FULL TALK from VegfestUK Brighton 2016

Mar 26th - Tim Barford - The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights: Fit for Purpose or a Busted Flush? FULL TALK from VegfesttUK Brighton

Mar 21st - Discussion: What's the Best Form of Vegan Activism? - FULL VIDEO from VegfestUK Brighton 2016

Mar 21st - Dr. Roger Yates - How We Grow Up to Be Animal Loving Animal Users: The Sociology of Animal Harming

Mar 9th - POLL RESULTS: What's the best form of vegan activism?

Mar 9th - Please vote for BRISTOL VEGFEST in The Regional Awards, thanks!

Mar 8th - Website for VegfestUK London 2016 LIVE FOR BOOKINGS! Sponsorship packages available

Mar 4th - VegfestUK Brighton rocks with Mature Zone

Mar 1st - GreenWorldTV’s Review of VegFestUK Brighton 2016


February 2016

Feb 28th - Joyous occasion at VegfestUK Brighton with 10,700 visitors enjoying being vegan

Feb 28th - The FxEctive Factor competition got off to flying start with a series of captivating performances and presentations

Feb 27th - Day 1 of VegfestUK Brighton rocked - we can't wait for Day 2! 

Feb 23rd - Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 23rd - Second talk by Christopher-Sebastian at VegfestUK Brighton 2016 - Bullying Behaviour: Reproducing Cycles of Violence in Veganism

Feb 23rd - Tim Barford on Radio Reverb speaking on the vegan philosophy and VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 23rd - JASON Natural Care Coconut Oil - Your Must-Have Beauty Essential

Feb 22nd - Pig Freud Spring 2016 Fundraiser for Vegan "Justice for All" campaign

Feb 22nd - POLL: What's the most effective form of vegan activism?

Feb 21st - Book review - Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy - Casey Taft (Vegan Publishers)

Feb 19th - The FxEctive Factor entrants and songs - Performances

Feb 19th - The FxEctive Factor entrants and presentations - Activism

Feb 18th - Discussion: What's the most effective form of vegan activism? - at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 17th - Free drinks at VeggieVision speed dating at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 16th - ''Justice for All" Vegan Radio Adverts hit Brighton

Feb 16th - VegfestUK team to eat TWICE at Purezza during VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 14th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK on the Marc Carter show on BBC Radio Sussex

Feb 12th - Informative talks on vegan lifestyles and campaigns at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 11th - Event programme for VegfestUK Brighton now available to view online

Feb 11th - Vegan Activists Summit - hotbed of ideas for vegan outreach - at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 11th - POLL RESULTS on vegan poster for VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 10th - The Phoenix Rose to perform live at both VegfestUK Brighton and Bristol 2016

Feb 10th - Christopher-Sebastian McJeffers to speak on Intersections of Justice at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 10th - Star-studded panels of judges for the FxEctive Factor

Feb 9th - Amazing hub of vegan food and entertainment at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 8th - Hemp Expo - showcase of hemp products and info - at VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 6th - Teachers Vegan Summit at VegfestUK Brighton 2016

Feb 1st - "Vegan - Justice for All" campaign hits the streets of Bristol as VegfestUK launches new billboard campaign 


January 2016

Jan 29th - The Vegfest Express - January 2016 bulletin

Jan 28th - Live Performances and Entertainment at VegfestUK Brighton 2016

Jan 27th - Vegan cooking to be brought alive in cookery demos at VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 27th - Wealth of info on vegan nutrition and health at VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 26th - UK Vegan Comedy Festival provides waves of jokes & laughter at VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 26th - Mature Zone at VegfestUK Brighton 2016

Jan 25th - COMPILATION of videos from VegfestUK London 2015

Jan 23rd - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews 'Circles of Compassion'

Jan 22nd - Series of inspiring vegan documentaries to be shown at VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 22nd - FLYERING HELP NEEDED for VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 21st - COMPILATION of talks recorded from Vegfest Scotland 2015

Jan 21st - Vegan Bodybuilding competition back at VegfestUK Brighton 2016!

Jan 21st - Teen VGN Camp is back during August 14th-19th 2016!

Jan 20th - The FxEctive Factor latest - Jan 20th 2016

Jan 20th - VegfestUK Brighton heading for a sell-out - over 180 stalls booked a month ahead of the show!

Jan 19th - VeggieVision hosts Vegan Speed Dating session at VegfestUK Brighton

Jan 19th - Teen VGN Zone returns to VegfestUK Brighton after amazing debut in 2015

Jan 18th - VegfestUK stalls update (up to January 18th 2016) - 175 stalls booked a month ahead of Brighton!

Jan 18th - Brand New Hemp and Organic Cotton Clothing Range for Kids Launches.....

Jan 17th - Vegan Information Project (VIP) – mould-breaking grassroots activism

Jan 17th - POLL: Poster for vegan billboard in Brighton

Jan 17th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews ‘Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach’

Jan 17th - Vegfest Scotland 2015 VISITOR SURVEY RESULTS

Jan 16th - Family fun and vegan education all in one at VegfestUK Brighton - KIDS UNDER 16 FREE

Jan 16th - BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers for advance tickets to VegfestUK Brighton ending January 31st

Jan 16th - BRAND-NEW VegfestUK 2016 flyer with a clear "Justice for All" message

Jan 15th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK advocates for justice for all animals on BBC Radio Bristol

Jan 15th - VegfestUK organisers: IT'S TIME FOR JUSTICE

Jan 14th - Amazing vegan cuisine at VegfestUK Brighton to demonstrate the joys of veganism

Jan 14th - Bute Island Foods brings us smileys galore with their Vegan Sheese

Jan 12th - Koko Dairy Free dairy-free alternatives demonstrate Coconut is the New Dairy! 

Jan 11th - Huge vegan festival to return to Brighton Centre on February 27th 28th 2016 – Everyone is Welcome!

COOKERY DEMO slots available at VegfestUK Brighton 2016

The FxEctive Factor LATEST - Jan 5th 2016

Teachers Who Value Evidence Informed Practice need VegfestUK Brighton 



Interview with Dr. Will Tuttle - author of "The World Peace Diet"

The FxEctive Factor LATEST - Dec 22nd 2015

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - COMPILATION

VegfestUK – 10 Contributions to the UK Vegan Movement in 2015, 10) Record-breaking attendances & constant innovations at Vegfest events

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 9) Giving the Abolitionist Approach a platform

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 8) We helped around 5,000 people go vegan in 2015, and we focus on vegan education

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 7) We organise, promote and present the prestigious VegfestUK Awards

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 6) We helped create and support the Pig Freud Tour, the Vegan Bodybuilders Tour and the Neil Robinson Tour

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 5) We host The Vegfest Express - the UK's only 24 hour breaking vegan news website

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 4) We give free stalls and support for a number of Grassroots volunteer led vegan organisations

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 3) Helping The Vegan Society, Viva! and Animal Aid

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 2) We get the most incredible media coverage for the vegan movement

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 1) Helping Grassroots Vegan Events

VegfestUK - further clarification on criteria for 2016 events

VegfestUK - New Criteria for our shows in 2016

Tim Barford - How VegfestUK and the UK Vegan Movement has changed in 2015

VegfestUK Brighton 2016 Advance Tickets now on sale - BOGOF till Dec 31st 2015

FxEctive Factor entrant Jack Dean to release 'Do You See' in support of the Pig Freud Tour and Fundraiser for grassroots vegan education


novembeR 2015

Tim Barford on BBC Radio Scotland discussing veganism in a religious and moral context

POLL: Should vegans promote the REDUCETARIAN approach?

RESULTS from POLL on vegan athletes


OctoBER 2015

Some reflections on the UK vegan scene, following a weekend at the West Midlands Vegan Festival

Why Veganism is the ONLY choice if animals matter morally, and how best to promote veganism

Aldo Zilli promises to 'GO VEGAN' for 90 days with Tim from VegfestUK


september 2015

The FxEctive Factor welcomes on board indie/folk musician Jack Dean


JULY 2015

Advance tickets for VegfestUK London now on sale! 

VegfestUK Awards: Categories, Nominees, Voting

Website for VegfestUK Brighton 2016 now live for bookings!

The Species Barrier radio host Marcus Dredge joins People's Vegan Activists Summit at London

Polish Animal Rights Activist Dobrusia Gogloza joins VegfestUK London People's Vegan Activists Summit

Vegan Business Media founder Katrina Fox to speak & launch new book at VegfestUK London

Shambhu's founder & head chef Nishma Shah to demonstrate vegan culinary treats at Vegfest London & Scotland

Animal Liberation Front founder Ronnie Lee joins VegfestUK London People's Vegan Activists Summit

Main Street Vegan author Victoria Moran joins VegfestUK London for the 2nd year running

Duet of New Vegan Events in Scotland fuelling growth of vegan market further

Pig Floyd performs outside Grillstock Festival in Bristol in a peaceful vegan rock n roll protest

VegfestUK - price rises for Brighton and Bristol 2016

20-20 - a Normal Vegan Vision

Tim Barford - some changes at VegfestUK


JUNE 2015

Say hi to gifted cartoonist Vegan Sidekick at VegfestUK London

Kiss Farewell to Dairy with Koko Dairy Free at Vegfest London & Scotland

Tim Barford, manager of VegfestUK, elected as trustee of the Vegan Society

The Abolitionists Approach 16 page flyer is out now!

The Big Debate on "Single Issue Campaigns – Taking the Animal Rights Movement Forwards – or Backwards?"

Vegfest Vegan Activists Summits welcome Dr. Melanie Joy, author of "Why we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows"

VEGFEST STALLS UPDATE: Over 140 stalls booked at London, half the floor plan sold at Scotland

VegfesUK welcomes Tobias Leenaert to our first People’s Vegan Activists Summit in London October 11th 2015

Europe's prime vegan festival VegfestUK back at Brighton Centre on February 27th 28th 2016

Mature Zones for Seniors at Vegfest London & Scotland

VegfestUK welcomes Professor Gary L Francione to London in October for the inaugural Peoples Vegan Activist Summit

Vegan Cartoon Superhero Wonderpig to promote vegan education outside Grillstock

Over 700 people going vegan with another 2,400 moving towards veganism after VegfestUK Bristol 2015

Tim Barford: Why the "Close Down the Slaughterhouses" demos are a good thing

Smile and Say Sheese with Bute Island at Vegfest Scotland

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford to speak at the Close Down The Slaughterhouses Demo Piccadilly Circus London June 13th

Glasgow-based GreenCity Wholefoods sponsors Vegfest Scotland

Vegfest Scotland welcomes applications for stalls and speaking/performing slots


MAY 2015

Summary of Vegan Activists Workshops at VegfestUK Bristol 2015 - setting the tone for VegfestUK vegan education

Wonderpig took centre stage at VegfestUK Bristol 2015

Glorious conclusion for VegfestUK Bristol with 14,000 visitors over Bank Holiday Weekend May 23rd 24th

Bargain of the century at VegfestUK Bristol