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Talks - Easy Veganism


A series of talks giving you all the info you need on veganism - tailored to complete beginners to veganism

Located on the ground floor - see floor plan here

BSL interpretation available for sessions marked with asterisks **

All sessions below were recorded and will be released on VegfestUK's Youtube channel on this playlist here:



** 12:00 - 12:30 - Vegans - Where do you get your protein? And calcium... iron... essential fats... B12?

Expert: Iona Coppin 

Guests: Hench Herbivore, Dave Arnold (Vegan Runners UK)


** 12:45 - 1:15 - 30-day pledges - what are they and where do I start?

Expert: Rob Masterson from Veganuary

Guests: Alex Douglas from The Vegan Society + Ben Martin from Animal Aid


1:30 - 2:00 - Competitive Sport - Can a plant-based diet really help?

Guests: Dave Sheahan, Christine Vardaros


3:00 - 3:30 - Can I still eat out when I'm vegan?

Expert: Alex Bourke

Guests: Peter EganWendy Turner-Webster


3:30 - 3:45 - Arthur Ling award


4:00 - 4:30 - Activism - should I bother?

Expert: Vegan Geezer

Guests: Victoria Eisermann (K-9 Angels), Otto Brockway


4:30 - 5:00 - Meet and Greet session 

featuring: Peter Egan, Wendy Turner-Webster



11:00 - 11:30 - Getting fit on a plant-based diet

Experts: Kate Strong

Guests: Tim Shieff, Patrik Baboumian


11:45 - 12:15 - Veganising my favourite dish

Guests: Carol RoyleGabriela Lerner


12:30 - 1:00 - Pregnancy, Kids, Teenagers - OK for veganism?

Expert: Amy Roberts (The Vegan Society)

Guests: Callum Ridgers, Anna Davies (Teen VGN)

2:00 - 2:30 - Veganism - more than just a diet?

Expert: Fiona Pereira (Animal Aid) 

Guests: Hilary Jones (Lush Cosmetics), Helen Ascott


2:45 - 3:15 - Veganism - Your Questions Answered

Expert: Amy Roberts (The Vegan Society)

Guests: Otto Brockway, Earthling Ed


Peter Egan 
Going vegan has had a huge impact for Peter Egan - One of the greats of British TV, theatre and film whose acting career is approaching 50 years.

Starring in the much loved Ever Decreasing Circles in the 80's and Peter has worked non stop with his more recent role as the Marquess of Flintshire in Downtown Abbey.
Going vegan "simplified and confirmed his life".

Peter campaigns against the dog meat trade and for a vegan lifestyle and was awarded Celebrity Animal Hero of the Year. Peter also brought a great deal of laughter to our VegfestUK awards in London last year and we are delighted that he is coming over to be with us in Brighton.

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Peter Ebdon
Peter Ebdon is an English professional snooker player. He was World Champion in 2002, beating Stephen Hendry 18-17 in the final, and won the UK Championship in 2006 and 7 other ranking events between 1993 and 2012. He was also a losing finalist in the World Championship in 1996 and 2006. Ebdon turned professional in 1991 and soon made an impact by beating six-time world champion Steve Davis 10-4 in the first round of the 1992 World Championship and reaching the quarter-final stage.
Peter is a committed Vegan and encourages others to do as much research as they can because there is so much wonderful research out there now, regarding the huge health benefits of adopting a plant based diet, as well as a very positive impact on the environment too.

Peter believes that Vegans become more compassionate, as individuals, through reflection upon the differences that their choices are making to the animals, the environment, their own health and hopefully, that of their friends and family too.

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Wendy Turner-Webster 
Wendy Turner-Webster is an English journalist, television presenter and animal rights campaigner.

Wendy started her career at Signal Radio, writing, producing and presenting on-air features including film, travel and book reviews. She also wrote for magazines including OK!. A part-time actress, while appearing in the pantomime Cinderella, she was spotted by a producer from the UK cable channel L!VE TV. Moving to London, she became a news reporter for sports and fashion. She then hosted her own shows Videobox and the psychic phone-in Revelations with Nina.

Wendy was chosen to take over hosting Channel 4's Absolutely Animals from Dani Behr; the show was a forerunner to Pet Rescue which Wendy hosted for 7 years. Wendy's other TV projects include BBC One's Your Kids Are In Charge, presented with sister Anthea. She has also presented several episodes of The Last Word for Central Television, and the BBC documentary about domestic violence, Hitting Home. Moreover, she co-presents her own TV show Crafty Beggars ( alongside her good friend Julie Peasgood)

Wendy does not eat or wear animals and is Patron of the Vegan Society, Viva! and the Vegetarian Society. In 2001, Turner-Webster wrote on behalf of PETA to the Duke of Kent as president of the Scout Association, requesting that they retire the angling badge on grounds of cruelty to animals. The proposal was rejected. In 2006, she launched an on-line footwear company, "Secret Goddess", which specialised in ultra glamorous boots and shoes of non-animal origin.

In November 2010, Wendy became the patron of Chancepixies Animal Rescue, a charity dedicated to educating, rescuing and taking action to prevent dogs in the UK from finding themselves unwanted, abused and killed.

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Victoria Eisermann
Victoria Eisermann is the co founder of dog rescue charity K-9 Angels, which was founded in 2011 and has since rehomed over 800 dogs, spayed 3000 dogs as well as raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to build a shelter that now houses 110 dogs which the charity regularly send food and medical aid to.

They have raised close to half million pounds in just over 4 years and also send regular donations to cover medical supplies as well as for food for street dogs.

Currently Victoria hosts a radio show 'The Angel hour' on Phoenix FM with Co host Loui, (her dog) and is also a presenter for VeggieVision TV. She is the spokes-model for the organic, vegan certified beauty brand Earthzest Organics.

From the age of 6, Victoria became a vegetarian when her father brought home 2 little yellow fluffy chicks. This was unheard of in the 1970s for someone so young to make a choice to not eat meat.

Over 10 years ago Victoria became a vegan. The very same day she attended a talk on the dairy industry by Juliet Gellatley (founder of Viva!) and has since fronted numerous PETA campaigns and been a proud animal activist.

Victoria says being a vegan runs in her veins, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. For her it's says I love life, all life!

Having started her modelling career age 18 and travelled the world modelling everything from lingerie to calendars, page 3 of the daily star, playboy lingerie magazine and appearing in numerous TV commercials, (most notably staring as the pregnant bride in the Guinness commercial and staring in the 'birds eye pea commercial). Victoria has also walked the catwalk later in her career for top designers.

2016 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - for the second time her charity K-9 Angels

2015 cycled 500 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels

2014 cycled 300 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels

2013 Awarded 'Most Inspirational Person' award by Passionate pink charity

2012 Contestant on ‘Total Wipeout' for BBC1, and ‘Big Brother' on Channel 5

2011 Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the Children's charity 'Flying kites'

2011 Fronted Animal aids 'Ban the whip' at Ascot campaign

2011- Fronted numerous campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

2007 Won 'Europe's sexiest vegetarian' online as voted by PETA supporters

Victoria has embarked on an educational school tour with her charity K-9 Angels to teach children responsible pet care and the importance of adopting as an alternative to buying a dog and is dedicated to her charity as well as spreading the Vegan message through her regular blogs and articles.

Victoria is also passionate about vegan beauty, she gives advice about looking the best you can with compromising ethics and loves writing for her vegan beauty blog when she is not looking after her rescued dogs.

Victoria has more TV in the pipeline so watch this space!

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Carol Royle

Carol Royle is a leading actress and has worked extensively on stage and TV.  Her many roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company include Ophelia in Hamlet, for which she won an award from the London Drama Critics, Cressida in Troilus and Cressida and Mrs Arbuthnot in A Woman of No Importance at the Barbican and Haymarket. 

She has acted in many West End plays, most recently Moonlight at The Donmar.  Carol has done several TV series, either playing the lead or as a semi-reg, including Life Without George, Heartbeat, Crossroads, Doctors, Casualty, Ladies in Charge and Dennis Potter’s Blackeyes.

She has recorded many commercials for radio, including campaigns for Chanel and Playtex, corporate work, and also a series for Woman’s Hour, which she also compiled, based on the numerous original letters of one of her ancestors, Emily Buchanan, and her sad trip to Africa.

A film, Miss In Her Teens, is shortly due for release.

Off stage Carol’s many interests include teaching at the Actor’s Centre, writing and being patron of a number of charities: 

Animal Aid,

Dr. Hadwen Trust,

Friends of the Animals  and

Safer Medicines Campaign. 

“I’ve been a veggie since 1973, my husband since about 79 and neither of the kids have ever eaten meat.  My daughter is now a vegan, as is my husband, pretty much, and I am too, we have a vegan household now, and I don’t buy ingredients etc., that are not vegan. 

I’ve just finished a four month tour of a play called Dead Sheep, (not as nasty as it sounds…Dennis Healy once said of Geoffrey Howe that being attacked by him was like being savaged by a dead sheep!) …

I’ve just had an episode of Father Brown go out… and I did a four month stint for Casualty at the end of last year and the beginning of this one. My storyline was about the frightful Hungtinton’s Disease, which has become a subject quite dear to my heart now.

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Otto Brockway
Otto’s career began assisting on music videos at Virgin Records with artists such as David Bowie, Eurythmics and Iggy Pop. He then moved into post-production working on sound design and special effects at Bray Studios in Windsor, before being headhunted and apprenticed by the well-known director and producer, Steve Barron, renowned for his mega-budget Hollywood productions.
It was during these years that Otto’s interest in documentaries really began to take shape, seeing the genre as an honest means of communication and capable of changing public perception. Otto, known for creating multi-million view viral videos, went on to set up his own studio, Broxstar Productions, with his brother, Ludo. 
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Fiona Pereira (Animal Aid)

Fiona has worked at Animal Aid for 12 years and has been vegan for 27 years. At Animal Aid she is involved in the group’s campaigns against the horse racing industry, and the shooting of birds for ‘sport’. Animal Aid’s horse racing campaign is especially busy at this time of year in the run up to the Cheltenham Festival and the notorious Grand National.

Vegan Geezer 
London Dad and Vegan YouTube advocate Martin Menehan AKA Vegan Geezer has been speaking around the UK for the past year at schools and festivals, where he has been educating people about veganism and positively promoting vegan advocacy/activism respectively. He also uses his time to create educational, informative and inspirational videos via his YouTube channel, which include family vlogs, street interviews, speeches, spoken word poetry, lifestyle videos, food, vegan tips and more.

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Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Often seen on BBC1, London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston has Nutrition Therapy Health clinics in Harley Street London W1 and in Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire. As well as dealing with people's personal health problems Yvonne offers consultancy for the health food industry, hospitality business and UK media/press.

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Dave Sheahan

DAVE SHEAHAN is a plant based vegan triathlete, High Performance Coach and Founder "Go Vegan Grow" working with individuals, athletes and corporations in achieving sustained high performance and realising their full potential.  Adopting and following a wholefood plant based lifestyle forms a major part of all of Dave´s coaching programs.

Coming from a bodybuilding and personal trainer background the idea of going vegan was not just alien but plain crazy up to 10 years ago when his son was born and his vegan wife decided he would be raised vegan. Watching his child´s incredible development on a plant based vegan diet made Dave take notice and over a number of years researching he made nutritional changes until making the decision to adopt a 100% wholefood plant based diet on 1st January 2012. This also lead to Dave founding Go Vegan Grow which educates and supports both vegans and non vegans in successfully adopting a plant based lifestyle through books, trainings, membership site and events.

Competing as a Vegan Triathlete and working as a High Performance Coach means improved performance and recovery are of prime importance to Dave both personally and with his clients. In following and recommending a plant based lifestyle both areas have improved dramatically as well as Dave witnessing many health conditions, pains and injuries disappear as a result of nature´s diet.

Dave is also the founder of Formula 4 Success, has also been a Body for Life Champion, Coach of Body For Life Champions 5 years running, NSCA International Competitions Coach For Ireland, shortlisted for UK Gladiators and has completed many events including the New York and Paris Marathons before putting his sole athletic focus on competing as a plant based triathlete.

Dave Sheahan has authored and co-authored many books and his 20+ year career so far also includes 10 Years owning and managing his own branded chain of fitness centres with over 50 staff and contractors and speaking at and running educational events all over the world.More about Dave Sheahan at

Main website :

Go Vegan Grow Website :

Facebook : &

Youtube : &

Instagram :

Twitter : &

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Tim Shieff

Former World Freerunning Champion. Ninja Warrior UK Last Man Standing.
Founder of Ethics & Antics an Ethical Clothing line. Youtuber. Spirit Warrior.

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Kirly Sue

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Christine Vardaros

Christine "Peanut" Vardaros is a Belgium-based International Professional Cyclist AND Vegan for 17 years. When not on the bike, she is a copywriter/journalist. She spends her free time working as spokesperson for The Vegan Society, In Defense of Animals (IDA), and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
You can follow her adventures through social media:


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Kate Strong

Kate Strong is the World's first female to cycle non-stop for 24-hours on a static bike and cover a mind-blowing 292 miles! And, she was only fuelled by fruit and nuts!

Join Kate as she shares how to prepare mentally, physically and nutritionally for an event and also why she decided to attempt this challenge in the first place.

From an early age, Kate Strong set out to question everything and prove that living within society's comfort zone doesn't always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

Travelling the world working as a Divemaster, engineer in aerospace and eventually buying a guesthouse & restaurant in Australia, Kate was no stranger to hard work. Yet, even with this ‘success', she had a restlessness to find balance in her life and a means to ‘give-back'.

The journey led her to taking up sport and becoming World Champion in long-distance triathlon for her age-group in an unbelievable 11 months and also discovering veganism.

Today, Kate works with and invests in ethical companies striving to make a positive change in the world.

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Rob Masterson (Veganuary)

Rob has been vegan for over four years. His transition from eating meat and consuming animal products was a gradual one, although the step from vegetarian to vegan was overnight after watching the movie Peaceable Kingdom.

He likes to focus on the ‘how' of veganism and supporting people with the practicalities of a vegan lifestyle. As a regular business traveller, he feels it is important to post hints and tips on social media on how easy it is to be vegan ‘on-the-go'.

As a keen cyclist, Rob completed an epic 130 mile ride in October 2016 from the Vegan Society in Birmingham to London Vegfest, raising funds for Veganuary. He has also recently completed the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Nutrition Certificate.

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Gabriela Lerner

Gabriela is a raw vegan lifestyle coach, author or Food Heroes. She has blog and youtube channel and contributes to

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Alex Bourke

Alex Bourke author and publisher of Vegetarian Guides Here he talks about the vegolution on the BBC Radio 4  Food Programme with the huge increase in the amount of vegan food in vegetarian restaurants, the rise of vegan restaurants, and the different tribes of modern vegans such as baketevists, gleegans, freegans, fitness freaks, macrobiotics and raw. Part of the fun of veganism is to look at all of them and create your own personal synthesis. Listen again:

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Anna Davies

Hello, I’m Anna. I’ve been part of the TeenVGN team for about 3 years and had a key role in setting up the UK’s first Vegan & Vegetarian Summer Camp for teenagers with them. Aside from volunteering with TeenVGN  at camp and in their TeenZones at Vegfests around the UK, I’m a full-time nursing student and part-time carer. I have been vegan for 9 years and more motivated than ever to support others to transition to a more compassionate lifestyle.

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Hilary Jones

Hilary was a full-time activist until she started at Lush. She spent her time at protest camps and travelling around the country. When “Cosmetics to Go“, the company before LUSH, started she thought It was simply amazing,  She says "When I was about thirty-something, I finally needed a “real“ job, so I thought: “Who am I willing to work for?“ And Lush was the only company I could think of, really".

Now Hilary is Ethical Director. She recently insisted that Lush's Global summit in London was 100% Vegan, Thousands of delegates from all over the world ate vegan for two days (and enjoyed it!)

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Ben Martin (Animal Aid)

Ben has been vegan for 12 years and in that time has campaigned on a number of animal rights, human rights and environmental issues.

For the last seven years he has been working at Animal Aid and is currently the group’s Campaign Manager for vegan issues. He organises and runs the Great Vegan Challenge in November and the Great Vegan University Challenge in February, and he is also responsible for orchestrating the Mark It Vegan campaign, calling for supermarkets to clearly label all of their own-brand vegan products.


Alex Douglas (The Vegan Society)

Alex has been taking part in and organising vegan outreach for 10 years, starting out as a student at Glasgow Uni and then as a volunteer for The Vegan Society, before making it her full time job as Volunteering and Engagement Manager. She has been running the volunteer programme at The Vegan Society for nearly four years, while also coordinating their events and wider outreach with university students, corporate partners, VIPs and vegans across the country.


Callum Ridgers

Callum Ridgers is nearly 11 years old and has been vegan for nearly 11 years too. He loves parkour and is always jumping off of everything, he loves rugby and dinosaurs.

Callum loves coming to VegfestUK, seeing his friend Johannes and meeting the speakers. He likes trying out new foods and helping out on the kids area too. Callum has made some You Tube videos and is planning to make more this year about his favourite vegan foods that are easy for kids to make. 

He loves being vegan and even from the age of 3 when he found out a sweet that another kid had given him contained gelatine he made his own decision that he did not want to eat it. He loves eating and playing the PlayStation (and loves doing both at the same time) and his favourite foods are mango’s, pasta, mashed potatoes, olives and chia seed puddings. He prefers eating fruit to chocolate.

Callum is excited to be talking at the Easy Veganism event this weekend and hopes everyone has a really fun time.

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