Floor Plan

Click on the hyperlinks below for maps; you can view the availability of stalls for the show in the listings table.

Click here for the map of the Ground Floor (in expanded view)
Click here for the map of the First Floor (in expanded view)

Scroll down for the stall availability to see which stralls are booked & which are available.

For stallholders doing cooking

Please choose a stand in the purple zone on the First Floor.
Please note that cooking is NOT allowed in other areas of the venue.

Carpeted areas

The purple zone on First Floor is NOT carpeted.
All stalls located outside the purple area are carpeted.

If your stall is located in the carpeted areas and you plan to sell food / alcohol at your stall, please ensure that you cover the venue’s carpet within the boundaries of your stall.

Stalls Availability

Ground Floor

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
R1 Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
R2 Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
R3 Vegan Bodybuilders Vegan Bodybuilders
R4 Vegan Bodybuilders Vegan Bodybuilders
R5 Vegan Organic Network Vegan Organic Network
R7 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
R8 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
R9 Greener Beauty Greener Beauty
R10 Greener Beauty Greener Beauty
R11 Forage & Find Forage & Find
R12 Alba Paris Alba Paris
R13 Wani vegan bakery UK Dani & Jo
R14 Selkie Jewellery Selkie Jewellery
R15 Cham  Kings
R16 Wuka Wuka
R17 The Online Vegan Market The Online Vegan Market
R18 Palestinian Animal League Palestinian Animal League
R19 Vegans Against World Hunger Vegans Against World Hunger
R20 West Berkshire Brewery West Berkshire Brewery
R21 Zero Waste Generation Zero Waste Generation



R23 Oh Lily! Oh Lily!
R24 Veggie Style SL Veggie Style SL
R25 The Black Cab Coffee Company The Black Cab Coffee Company
R26 Mobile Massage Mobile Massage
R27 Mobile Massage Mobile Massage
R28 Back 2 Balance Brighton Against Fox Hunting
R29 Mooncup Mooncup
R30 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
R31 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
R32 Hempen Hempen
R33 Do No Harm Divine Gaia 
R34 Yummy Things Bakery Yummy Things Bakery
R35 The Pearly White Club The Pearly White Club
R36 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
R37 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
S3 Annael Vegan Soaps & Candles Annael Vegan Soaps & Candles
S4 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
S5 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
S6 New Internationalist New Internationalist
S7 KT London KT London
S8 Compassion In Education Compassion In Education
S9 SnaffleS SnaffleS
S10 FNK Pies FNK Pies
S11 Friends of Chema and Kizzi Friends of Chema and Kizzi
S12 Free From Italy Free From Italy
S13 AffyBale AffyBale
S16 Joyfuel  
S17 Cowley Club Cowley Club
S18 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
S19 Global Fusion Vegan Creole Global Fusion Vegan Creole
S20 Mr Nice Pie Mr Nice Pie
S23 JoJa Crafts JoJa Crafts
S24 Ethically Organic Ethically Organic
S25 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
T1 Hempish Hempish
T2 Hempish Hempish
T3 The Save Movement The Save Movement
T4 Shores of Africa Forced To Be Fussy
T5 Anonymous for the Voiceless Anonymous for the Voiceless
T6 DxE Brighton DxE Brighton
T7 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers
T8 Yaoh Hemp Yaoh Hemp 
T9 English Hemp English Hemp
T10 Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary


First Floor

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
CAT1 Rockin Buddha Rockin Buddha
CAT2 Greek vegan deli specialities Greek vegan deli specialities
CAT3 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
CAT4 Bangkok Noodle Bar  Bangkok Noodle Bar
CAT5 Loving Hut Express  Loving Hut Express
CAT6 St Best Caribbean  St Best Caribbean 
CAT7 Mally’s Gin Bar Mally’s Gin Bar
CAT8 Vausages Vausages
CAT9 Simply Vegan Simply Vegan
CAT10 One Planet Pizza One Planet Pizza
CAT11 Simply Veg Simply Veg
CAT12 The Green Grill The Green Grill
CAT13 Yogi Tea Yogi Tea
CAT14 Chaatit Chaatit
CAT15 Cookware Kings Cookware Kings
CAT16 Eve Eve
CAT17 Herbivorous Herbivorous
CAT18 V.Dorset V.Dorset
CAT19 Brownins Brownins
A1 Yaoh Hemp Yaoh Hemp
A2 Arbonne Arbonne
A3 The College of Naturopathic Medicine The College of Naturopathic Medicine
A4 Aquapax Aquapax
B1 Tropic Skincare Tropic Skincare
B2 Befries Befries
B3 Vegan Wine Box Vegan Wine Box
B4 Cellnutrition Cellnutrition
B5 Sina Pearl Sina Pearl
B6 The Soap People The Soap People 
B7 Jethro’s Jethro’s
B8 Plant Based Artisan Plant Based Artisan
C2 Original Beard Co Original Beard Co
C3 Upton’s Naturals Upton’s Naturals
C4 Hey Gorgeous Hey Gorgeous
C5 The Black Cab Coffee Company The Black Cab Coffee Company
C6 Norwegian Bakers Norwegian Bakers
C7 Watson & Wolfe Watson & Wolfe
C8 Turmeric Turmeric
D1 Vegums Vegums
D2 Miss Muffin Top Miss Muffin Top
D3 Boho Gelato Boho Gelato
D4 Vega Vega
D5 The London Prosecco Company The London Prosecco Company
D6 Lovely Buns Lovely Buns
D7 Just Wholefoods Just Wholefoods
D8 Animal Equality Animal Equality
E1 Encona Sauces Encona Sauces 
E2 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
E3 The Brighton Wine Company The Brighton Wine Company
E4 All Natural Me All Natural Me
E5 Hunt Investigation Team Hunt Investigation Team
E6 Eden Sanctuary Eden Sanctuary
E7 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
E8 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
F1 Nature’s Charm Nature’s Charm
F2 Zims Tribe  
F2A Borneo Orangutan Survival-UK Borneo Orangutan Survival-UK
F3 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers
F4 Veganicity Veganicity
F5 Lazy Vegan Lazy Vegan
F7 International Animal Rescue International Animal Rescue
F8 Creative Nature Creative Nature
G1 Follow Your Heart UK Follow Your Heart UK
G2 Shemins Shemins
G2A RawGaia Superfood Skincare RawGaia Superfood Skincare
G3 Chilgrove Spirits Chilgrove Spirits
G4 SesamMe SesamMe
G5 Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
G6 Chilli Chop Co Chilli Chop Co
G6A Greek Cat Welfare Society (UK) Greek Cat Welfare Society (UK)
G7 Enter Eden Pretty Little Stitches
G8 Nature’s Plus Nature’s Plus
H1 Cofresh Snack Foods Cofresh Snack Foods
H2 Juice Junkiez Juice Junkiez
H3 Olives and Things Olives and Things
H4 Kijani Living Kijani Living
H5 Cofresh Snack Foods Cofresh Snack Foods
H6 Qwrkee Foods Qwrkee Foods
H7 Benevo Vegan Pet Foods Benevo Vegan Pet Foods
H8 Kijani Living Kijani Living
I1 Dairy Free Chocolates Dairy Free Chocolates
I2 EuroCompany Srl SB EuroCompany Srl SB
I3 Honest Hemp Honest Hemp
I4 Pulsin Pulsin
I5 Battersea Dogs Battersea Dogs
I6 Dipalicious Dipalicious
I6A Nissim Nissim
I7 Orkani Skin Care Products Orkani Skin Care Products 
I8 Terranova/Bio nature Terranova/Bio nature
J1 Lifestyle International Lifestyle International
J2 Bird & Blend Tea Co. Bird & Blend Tea Co.
J3 Animal Aid Animal Aid
J4 Animal Aid Animal Aid
J5 Vego Good Food Vego Good Food
J6 Dappa Dappa 
J7 Hunt Saboteurs Association Hunt Saboteurs Association
J8 Supreme Master TV Supreme Master TV
K1 Soulful Food Co Soulful Food Co
K2 Soulful Food Co Soulful Food Co
K3 Soulful Food Co Soulful Food Co
K4 Soulful Food Co Soulful Food Co
K5 Cats Protection Cats Protection
K6 Raw sport Raw sport
K7 Palace Culture Palace Culture
K8 Sey-Beauté Naturelle Sey-Beauté Naturelle
K9 Betsy’s Bake Betsy’s Bake
K10 Vegan Outfitters Vegan Outfitters
L1 BS Food / Cosmotrend BS Food / Cosmotrend
L2 BS Food / Cosmotrend BS Food / Cosmotrend
L3 BS Food / Cosmotrend BS Food / Cosmotrend
L4 BS Food / Cosmotrend BS Food / Cosmotrend
M1 Veverages Veverages
M2 Veeg Veeg
M3 Cake in a Jar Cake in a Jar
M4 Unfold Unfold
M5 Beauty Gate Beauty Gate
M6 Mitch’s Kitchen  
M7 Happy Carrot Skincare Rosina Makes
M8 Beauty Gate Beauty Gate
M9 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
M10 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
N1 Green Sisters The London Feel Good Co
N2 Animal Aid Education Animal Aid Education
N3 Animals Asia Animals Asia
N4 Avanti Candles Avanti Candles
N5 Shea-Me Shea-Me
N6 The Lost Tea Company The Lost Tea Company
N7 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
N8 Fire and Ice Bottles Fire and Ice Bottles
N9 Artisan Candles Artisan Candles
N10 doTERRA Essential oils doTERRA Essential oils
N11 Ikigai Apparel Ikigai Apparel
N12 Norwex Norwex
N13 Simply Skin London Cruelteefree
N14  John King – Slaughterhouse Prayer  John King – Slaughterhouse Prayer 
P11 Dominion Brewery Co Dominion Brewery Co
Q1 Ceramica Ceramica
Q2 Aluna Coconut Aluna Coconut
Q3 Cheeky Wipes Cheeky Wipes