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Vloggers Corner

Vloggers Corner

A number of Youtube videos produced by some of the UK's and the world's leading vegan Youtubers will be shown in the brand-new Vloggers Corner, located on G/F near the Entrance.



12:00 - 12:10 - Vegan Geezer - Vegan Poem (in person)

12:10 - 12:20 - Vegan Geezer - What My 5 Year Old Vegan Eats In a Day | JOJO AT LEGOLAND!!! (in person)

12:20 - 12:30 - Dave Sheahan - What I Eat in A Day Vegan (in person)

12:30 - 12:40 - Dave Sheahan - Diary Of A Plant Based Athlete (in person)

12:40 - 12:50 - Hench Herbivore - How To Plan Vegan Bodybuilding Meals | High Protein (in person)

12:50 - 1:00 - Hench Herbivore - You Are Doing Activism Wrong! (in person)

1:00 - 1:10 - Aisha Eveleigh - What Is Your Favourite Animal TO EAT?? Street Interviews! (in person)

1:10 - 1:20 - Aisha Eveleigh - Feeding the public 'DOG CHEESE' | PRANK!! (in person)

1:20 - 6:00 - showcase of other Youtube videos in loops



11:00 - 11:15 - Earthling Ed - Vegan Spends a Year Talking to Meat Eaters (in person)

11:15 - 11:30 - Earthling Ed - Eating Reindeer for Christmas Dinner? (in person)

11:30 - 5:00 - showcase of other Youtube videos in loops


Vegan Geezer - Vegan Poem

A spoken word piece emphasising the importance of the vegan community being united, and recognising the necessity to continue to promote veganism positively, as this is potentially the best way for the movement to move forward overall.

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Vegan Geezer - What My 5 Year Old Vegan Eats In a Day | JOJO AT LEGOLAND!!!

This video documents a day of my 5 year old son eating vegan food whilst at the Legoland amusement park.

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Dave Sheahan - What I Eat in A Day Vegan

In this video I share a general overview of the food I consumed that day as well as how I ate around my training for maximum effectiveness and results (fat loss in this case). I also give a few tips and pieces of advice re food choices and variety.

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Dave Sheahan - Diary Of A Plant Based Athlete

This is one of my VLog series during my Triathlon Season 2016. In this Vlog I share specific details about all my training for the week that had just finished and then details of my daily food. I give tips and advice throughout the video. I also share any challenges I faced that week and stress the massive benefits of being vegan to my training recovery and performance.

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Hench Herbivore - How To Plan Vegan Bodybuilding Meals | High Protein

Hench Herbivore details exactly how he plans vegan bodybuilding meals for himself and for his PT clients. His preference is for whole food ingredients which have the further benefit of providing us with the best health!

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Hench Herbivore - You Are Doing Activism Wrong!

An off the cuff chat about the vegan community and the current state of the activism scene. Why some vegans might not be willing to be more vocal yet and why some criticize activists while doing no advocacy of their own...

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Earthling Ed - Vegan Spends a Year Talking to Meat Eaters

2016 roundup of some of the highlights from my street interviews. Hope you guys enjoyed watching these as much as I enjoyed making them! More to come in 2017

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Earthling Ed - Eating Reindeer for Christmas Dinner?

I ask the public what animals they'll be eating for Christmas at Winter Wonderland 2016.

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Aisha Eveleigh - What Is Your Favourite Animal TO EAT?? Street Interviews!

This video was designed to highlight the concept of cognitive dissonance. This concept explains why it is that many of us love and make friendships with animals, why simultaniously being able to eat them and pay for their slaughter.

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Aisha Eveleigh - Feeding the public 'DOG CHEESE' | PRANK!!

Two pranksters decided to let the public try their new special cheese made from the milk of dogs! Okay... Actually it's just Vegan cheese (few!), but how do people react??

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Politicians tell us climate change is all going to be ok. But how much of what we hear can we believe? This short film explores the contradictions made by politicians when it comes to addressing the huge threat of climate change.

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Cheap lazy vegan - HOW TO: CHEAP VEGAN TRAVEL + actually have fun...

In this video, I'm sharing with you guys some of my best travel tips for vegans, especially for those of us who want to save a little money. I personally went travelling for about 2.5 months this summer around various cities/countries in Europe and I've also done tons of other travelling in my life. I really lived by some of these tips and I hope that these can be helpful to you guys.

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In this video, I'm giving you guys my top 10 tips on how to save money on a vegan diet! Or how to save money on food in general. Veganism has a bad reputation for being expensive, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Watch this video to learn how to be a cheap vegan!

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Vegan Family TV - 4 Vegan Athletes Share Top Nutrition Tips

In this video four long-term vegan athletes with experience in bodybuilding, figure competitions and marathon running sit down and answer your most common questions on their top tips for optimal plant based nutrition.

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Vegan Family TV - VEGAN ALTERNATIVES: Meat, Dairy, Eggs & Honey + MORE

If you don't eat meat, milk, cheese, eggs and honey what on earth is left? In this video we explain all of the vegan alternatives to these foods and more!

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Vegan Family TV - VEGAN KID: What I Eat in a Day | British 5 Year Old

Welcome to Vegan Family TV! We are a British family who share daily videos showing what we eat and how we live to keep us feeling healthy and looking fit without harming animals or the planet! In this video our 5 year old daughter shows all of the delicious foods which she eats during the course of the day.

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Rehana Sara - Dear Vegetarians (a poem)

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Rehana Sara - Are we really so civilised? // Manchester Pig Save All Day Vigil // #30vids Ep30

On June 10th, Manchester Pig Save held its first all-day vigil outside Tulip Ltd slaughterhouse, Ashton. As the pigs arrived, many were there to bear witness to their last moments. This video is the last of my 30 day series, and shows just a few minutes from the day. I haven't shown any of the talks or the 180-mile run that took place - those will be for another video coming soon.

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Rehana Sara - Mind Your Vegan Language

Language is so important, but what's better for vegan advocacy - softly softly or harsh and direct?

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Plant Based News - EPIC: New 2017 Documentary Showcases The Vegan Trifecta

EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION trailer: A Cinematic Documentary Exposing The True Cost Of Eating Animals

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Plant Based News - MEDIA vs VEGANISM: EXPOSING THE BIAS [Vevolution Speech]

The media speech was presented by Klaus from Plant Based News at an the Vevolution 2016 event. He unravels, uproots and exposes the misinformation surrounding veganism in the mainstream media.

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Plant Based News - Corporate Leaders In Panic As Vegan Market Soars

While veganism is breaking growth and sales records worldwide, Klaus from Plant Based News looks at how industry are pushing back.


Vegan Publishers - 3 year old explains veganism

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Vegan Publishers - Is Horseriding exploitative?

Is horseback riding exploitative? Ren Hurst, author of Riding on the Power of Others, discusses this question.

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The Vegan Activist - The Hardest Part about Being Vegan

The real difficulty in being Vegan doesn't involve food. The hardest part about being Vegan is coming face to face with the darker side of humanity and trying to remain hopeful. It's trying to understand why otherwise good and caring people continue to participate in needless violence against animals - just for the sake of their pleasure or convenience.

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Teen VGN - VGN Summer Camp

The UK's FIRST and ONLY vegan lifestyle summer camp for teens and young people! Register your interest today at :) #VGNSummerCamp

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Anneka Svenska - Veganuary talks VEGAN BULLIES

While hosting The Pickle Factory, I found Clea Grady's speech at Vevolution inspiring and it touched a cord with me as I have seen Vegans bullying other vegans this year and also other animal lovers transitioning to veganism. As compassionate people we should never ever be seen to be putting the pressure on people - we should be mindful, compassionate and kind at all times. The best teachers have always been the most positive and patient.

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Ali Tabrizi - Seaspiracy

SEASPIRACY is a short, eyeopening documentary created by The Friendly Activist. The 14 minute movie is packed full with data and facts about fishing and how the ingestion of fish is not only ruining our planet and its own oceans but is incredibly detrimental to our health. It also covers the forgotten victims, fish, are sentient beings who suffer from pain and stress when taken out of their natural environment.

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Ali Tabrizi - Why Environmentalism without Veganism Fails

This is The Friendly Activist's Speech At Vegan Futures. Camera man was James Light. Filming organised by Lewis Noll and Robbie Lockie.

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Bite Size Vegan - Do Fish Have Feelings?

This video is for KIDS! [but adults can watch too...] Today we're going to talk about FISH FEELINGS! We'll learn about whether fish can feel pain and how even though they look really different than us, they have families, friends, and feelings! By not eating fish, YOU can be a superhero to fish families everywhere!

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Bite Size Vegan - Kidnapped At Birth | Draw My Life

This is the story of a dairy cow and her baby sent to the veal industry. This is where your milk comes from. This is not an isolated incident.

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Bite Size Vegan - EGGS: The Extreme Reality

The truth about eggs in under 4 minutes. Eggs are an everyday staple for people all around the world. From breakfast to baked goods to countless cultural dishes, eggs couldn't be more universally ordinary and unremarkable. But beyond their polished surfaces and convenient packaging lies the truth of their production. In the harsh light of reality, the everyday is revealed as extreme.

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Bite Size Vegan - How NOT To Make Someone Vegan

Ridiculous showcase of over-the-top and extreme vegan conversion tactics. Vegans can be quite passionate about our beliefs and really-I mean REALLY-want everyone around us to "get it" too. This can sometimes translate into almost comically bizarre behavior. While it usually comes from a genuine place, it's still fun to laugh at ourselves sometimes. I hope this gives you a giggle. Are We Born Vegan?

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Hench Herbivore - Vegan At McDonalds Drive-Thru Ruckus

Want a high protein vegan whole foods recipe video? Look no further. BTW IT'S HILARIOUS!! XD