Art Exhibition

The Art of Compassion Exhibition is back at VegfestUK Brighton on both days, showcasing art posters dedicated to veganism and animal rights - located along the corridor on G/F.

Kindly hosted by the Art of Compassion Project. The proceeds from the sale of the vegan art posters on exhibition will be donated to animal charity Animal Equality UK.

About the Art of Compassion Project

The Art of Compassion Project is an international art collective involving more than 150 vegan artists from 26 countries.  They aim to raise funds through various art projects and donate 100% of the profits to vegan non-profit organisations. Over the past 4 years they have exhibited and raised funds for numerous vegan non-profits across the UK, USA, Europe and China.  

There are some exciting new projects in the works in 2019, including the release of the long-awaited art book, two sketchbooks for ‘The Sketchbook Project’ (which will be available to view online), and a ‘solo’ art exhibition in London this November.

The Art of Compassion Project Artists

All the artists involved in the project are vegan and there is a wonderful sense of community among them as they use their work as a form of activism and self-expression. They are always open to new artists joining them, so do get in touch if you’d like more information.   

Save 15% on the 2019 calendar (in aid of Chilis on Wheels): 

Visit the AOC Project website and follow them on social media via the links below:
Facebook: @artofcompassionproject
Instagram: @artofcompassionproject
Twitter: @aocproject

Video summary from 2018

Here’s a short video compiled by the Art of Compassion Project from last year’s art exhibition at VegfestUK Brighton: