Environmental Policy

A number of measures are in place to ensure that the event is as environment-friendly as possible.


The venue has a specific food waste skip, for food only. The other skips are for packaging, cardboard and any other waste, and this is sorted for recycling once it gets to the waste recovery plant at Newhaven.

Food and drinks

All food and drinks served at this event are 100% vegan. Vegan food involves considerably less greenhouse gas emissions and requires considerably less water and other valuable resources to produce than animal-based food.

The organisers have a vegan policy for stallholders and speakers which require that workers are vegan during the event – for full vegan criteria of the event, click here.

To help reduce food waste, the organisers will be closely monitoring advance ticket sales figures in the weeks leading up to the event, and provide all food and drinks caterers with an attendance forecast to help them plan for the appropriate stock levels, so that caterers do not bring too much food and drinks whilst not running out of food and drinks too early.

The organisers have also arranged for food left over from catering stands to be picked up at the end of each show day by a local food collection group.


Caterers and stallholders serving food samples at the event are encouraged to use biodegradable utensils rather than plastic to minimise their impact on the environment. The organisers will also advise caterers and food traders in advance on possible sources for compostable and biodegradable utensils and packaging materials – these sources are included in our exhibitors manual.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own utensils (including spoons, forks, plates and food containers) to eat with. (But no knives of any kind are allowed into the venue in line with current policy regarding knives)

Printing of marketing materials

The organisers will prioritise on printing signage that can be re-used at multiple events in future, and minimise printing of signage that is specifically for one event only.

All printing materials are from sustainable sources only.


This event consists only of soft acoustic music and background music with no singing. The sound levels will be kept to a level that stallholders, visitors and workers find comfortable with.