Amy Bourne

Amy Bourne

Founder of #30daysofactivism Challenge, and the Brighton Vegan Book Group

Amy is a busy overwhelmed vegan getting organised in animal advocacy and vegan activism one action at a time. A project manager by day and an avid reader by night, she spends the weekends at animal sanctuaries or on dog walks. Founder of #30daysofactivism challenge, and the Vegan Book Group. Amy can be found on Instagram @aveganorganised


Everyday Actions for Animals - Embedding Vegan Advocacy in the Day-to-Day

Amy will share tips on how she got into vegan activism without being overwhelmed, and how busy people with other duties can weave in animal advocacy into their everyday routines, set personal challenges to kickstart their activism, and work to their strengths as part of the wider movement.
Also hear more about how a love for reading inspired the formation of a vegan book group.

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