Amy Robson, PhD, PT

Amy Robson, PhD, PT

Health and Wellness Writer, Personal Trainer & UK-Based Ultra-Runner

Amy Robson is a health and wellness writer, personal trainer, and UK-based ultra-runner who has run multiple events while proudly sporting her vegan attire.

A vegan activist, health advocate, wellbeing warrior, and literary fanatic, Amy brings her veganism in to every aspect of her career and has been featured in Vegan Food & Living, Cosmo, Elle, and on podcasts such as the Gymwits.

When not running Amy can be found on Instagram under @thekindpeach and acting as Head Writer and Editor for

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Pace & Peace: Vegan Activism and the Running Community

A talk on how to effectively use running as a tool for promoting the vegan message, and how to navigate vegan activism in running communities (with discussion including parkrun’s recent Happy Egg sponsorship).

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Reaching Your Peak: Vegan Cardio To Cardi-go Further

A talk outlining the ways that veganism helps performance in running, swimming, cycling, and other endurance and cardiovascular fitness fields, providing a guide for transitioning to the optimal plant-based diet for performance gains. 

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