Animal Think Tank

Animal Think Tank

Collective of Volunteer Activists

Animal Think Tank is a collective of volunteers working to support the building of a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that has the power and resilience to ensure all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and security of person protected in law and respected by society. We aim to achieve this by developing the strategic direction, capacity and innovation of the individuals, groups and organisations working for animal justice in their diverse ways. Our main areas of work include: Movement Building and Unity; Anti-speciesism; Strategy; Framing; Organising Structures; Culture; Leadership Development; and Training.


Why Disrupt?

DxE Brighton have received national press attention for their disruptive actions, including at Steakhouse, Waitrose and Hisbe. This session will ask DxE about their strategies and tactics; what impact they are trying to generate; how they are doing this; and how it links to social justice movements of the past. DxE’s belief in nonviolent civil resistance, social influence and mass mobilization is a different ‘Theory of Change’ to most other vegan organisations. We will ask DxE why they take this approach, review the effectiveness of their actions, and look at the reactions they have received from the vegan community and the general public.

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