Beth Onuoha

Beth Onuoha

Yoga teacher

Beth Onuoha is the founder of Omgreen Wellness and Namaste Lifestyle, an online platform to spread wellness and veganism and has been teaching for 11 years in North America, Europe, and Asia. Beth has a dual B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Information Systems Management and a minor in psychology. She holds a master’s degree in Masters in Executive Business Administration. She holds the highest 500 EYT from India, and Bali and is a certified vegan chef.

Her first love was running and discovered that Yoga compliments running with flexibility, enhanced recovery, and mindfulness.

Her style and focus for all yoga classes is to have fun and find lightness in the movement, while yet demanding for the integration of body, mind and spirit connection with emphasis on breathing and techniques. Her classes emphasize proper alignment; when done right, you will not sustain any injury. She offers modifications throughout to make the practice accessible to everyone.

She is an avid runner when she is not on her mat practice yoga. She is competing in marathon races all over the world. Her primary focus is interest in wellness and embodying movement through running, martial art, dance, yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

Beth’s primary intention is to bring healthy living through her passion for yoga, meditation, and vegan lifestyle to the grassroots level. Her interest to study medicine; was met with a deeper understanding of food, and movement as healing medicine. She equates movement to a healthy body, mind and spirit. After discovering yoga during her self-study, she travelled to India in a quest of Yoga immersion. She quickly learned there is a deeper aspect to the physical movement – posture (asana) to the spirituality practice. Her teaching entails to rigorous movement with the pure essence of awareness of breathing to nourish the entire body as well her incorporating healthy lifestyle through vegan specifically plant-based lifestyle with no violence (ahimsa).

The integral part of movement and breathing has continuous brought her to the mat to offer seva (service) to give back to my community. Looking forward to meeting you soon on the mat!

2:00 - 2:45

Strong Power Vinyasa Yoga & Decoding Arm Balances

Are you afraid to balance? Has arm balancing been challenging for you?

In this class, you will be carefully guided into a variety of basic to advanced arm-balances and inversions, with modifications and full variations of each pose. It is an excellent opportunity for you to advance your practice and receive focused assistance with difficult postures.

This workshop is best suited for those with a regular yoga practice, of all levels. A willingness to try something new and exhilarating is a must! We will discuss:

  1. how to fall safely to overcome fear building the pose before even taking flight alignment tips to manage and correct balance.
  2. Challenge yourself to push through perceived limitations and discover a place of playfulness and non-judgmental self-awareness

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3:00 - 3:45

Talk: How is Yoga related to Veganism

What does the 5000-year-old tradition of Yoga have to with veganism? Isn’t Yoga only about doing postures on a mat?

Attend this talk by vegan Yoga teacher, Beth, to know the answers to the above questions and discover the roots of veganism in Yoga.

According to reports, approximately 2 billion practice Yoga worldwide. Wouldn’t it be great if we can create 2 billion vegans? Please bring your Yoga lover non-vegan friends so that they can realize how the path of spirituality involves a vegan way of living. Beth would be happy to answer all of their questions too!

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