Dan Graham

Dan Graham

Member of Vegan Organic Network

Dan Graham joined Vegan Organic Network (VON) in 1999, and started organising events for VON in 2012.

Dan is currently helping to spread the VON message which is:


“Without veganic growing, vegans are dependent on animal agriculture and chemical industries and that veganic growing is the solution to many environmental problems”. 


How to Get Real Vegan Food

Odds are your food is grown with chemicals and slaughterhouse waste or if you eat ‘organic’ then it is grown with organic slaughterhouse waste, unless it is veganic of course.

Come to Dan’s talk and find out:

  • what is happening in the world of veganic growing
  • how soon will you be seeing veganic products on shop shelves
  • what you can do to help make it happen

For a green, clean, cruelty-free world.

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