Daniel Kidby

Daniel Kidby

Vegan Campaigner, Writer and Educator

Dan is a campaigner, writer, educator and animal lover. He has spent years learning how to build an inclusive and strategic movement for animal liberation. He is the co-founder of Radical Think Tank, a network which seeks to develop and share knowledge about how to build effective social movements. He was a deckhand during Operation Nemesis, Sea Shepherd’s recent anti-whaling mission in Antarctica and he has been active in various social justice movements ranging from free education, democracy, the rights of indigenous people and more. He also runs a Facebook page and blog called Veganarchy.

12:30pm - 1:00pm

How to Achieve Animal Liberation - Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement

This talk will look at the Civil Rights Movement and the work of Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Baker and other brilliant activists to see what made the movement such a phenomenal success. We will then draw lessons for the Animal Rights Movement in order figure out what we need to do to liberate animals from oppression. 

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Deepening Your Understanding of Veganism

In order to effectively fight for animal liberation we need to have a clear understanding of the nature and causes of animal oppression. Once we begin unpacking the systems, structures and psychology that cause animals to suffer at the hands of humans we soon realise that we cannot possibly understand this issue in isolation. This talk will broaden the conversation and introduce the ways in which animal oppression is deeply connected to other contemporary justice issues like climate change, economic inequality and racial discrimination. 

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