David Pye

David Pye

Fellow, UK Vegetarian Society

David Pye lives near Glastonbury in Somerset. He spent 20 years as a research scientist and is currently an IT consultant. He holds a Masters degree in digital media production. Over the last 20 years David has set up several UK companies, two of which have gone forward to become successful local charities with over 30 employees. These charities specialise in energy efficiency and organic gardening. David is also a trustee of the charity V for Life and a fellow of the UK Vegetarian Society.


Would there ever be an end to human suffering and animal cruelty? From the perspective of duality

Souls choose to incarnate here on planet Earth in a physical body because Earth is a magnificently beautiful and incredibly complex environment, with nothing quite like it anywhere else in the universe. In this talk, David Pye talks about reincarnation and asks the question – does the principle of duality, on which the planet that we inhabit and incarnate is based, mean that good and evil are always in constant balance, and that there will always be people and animals who end up suffering as a result?

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