Deepa Devlukia

Deepa Devlukia

Conscious Parenting Coach, Film Maker & Vegan Parent

Deepa runs an Instagram page and YouTube channel called GirlBoyFoodBaby through which she shares experiences and thoughts for millennials on raising kind kids, consciously. She also creates vegan and refined sugar-free baby-led weaning and toddler recipes. Deepa’s work and videos have been featured by the Huffington Post, Mumsnet, Channel Mum and the BBC. She has most recently spoken at Vevolution 2017. She is a keen animal rights advocate and lives a plant-based lifestyle with her husband and her baby.  She spends most days trying to find some sort of balance between working and being a conscious, present parent, wife, daughter and human.


How To Raise a Conscious Vegan Child (BSL interpretation available)

Deepa Devlukia – conscious parenting coach, film maker and vegan parent – will be talking about raising a vegan child from a conscious and gentle parenting perspective.

The talk will cover topics including:

  • How to educate your child about veganism – focusing on positive association
  • Challenges including family/friends/picky eating (covering a positive relationship with food)
  • Birthday parties and how to deal with them; and
  • What to do if your child says they want to eat meat or milk like ‘their friends’?


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