Diane Cuny

Diane Cuny

Activist & Blogger

Diane Cuny grew up in West Africa and moved to Europe at the age of 17. After completing a European MSc in Food Quality, Diane realised that she knew nothing about factory farms, despite having worked for the food service industry for several years. She started to look into the animal abuse claims that surrounded agri-business and was appalled by what she found. She became vegan in 2017 when she finally realised the interconnections between a number of issues surrounding human and animal oppression. She spent some time doing vegan outreach/street activism but soon realised she could not identify with the current mainstream movement. Diane is now on a journey to find – or create – alternative ways to achieve animal liberation while also considering other issues of justice. This is how Miiri – the blog she started with her sister – was created. Miiri is a space where opinions and questions can be shared on a range of issues that are ultimately – directly or indirectly – related to animal oppression.


The Power of Our Narratives

This talk will explore how our personal experience of society shapes our worldview and our narratives. Drawing on insights from Diane’s personal story, we will try to understand how our worldview influences the way we see animal oppression and other issues of justice. How would considering various narratives strengthen our fight for justice for all?

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