Elvis Tadlanek

Elvis Tadlanek

Vegan Calisthenics Trainer

Learning my first martial arts moves at the age of 12 kick started my lifelong fascination/obsession with fitness and other related subjects. It got me interested in internal arts like Chinese Chi Kung, but also in philosophy and ultimately lead to the need of exploring my full potential.

Adopting a plant based diet several years ago helped me tremendously when it comes to my own health, post workout recovery, and living in alignment with my core values. Then I went on to become an expert in Progressive Calisthenics (advanced bodyweight training) and trainer, which didn’t come easy. I had to fight my own demons, gained weight, developed an unhealthy relationship with food, faced adversity. At the end I managed to overcome all of that, strengthened my mind and mastered feats like the one arm pull up and push up, human flag, managed to do 1000 push ups in one hour, 620 pull ups in one training session, run more than 20 miles…


Strength, full-body control and self-realisation: Chasing the perfect one arm pull up

As we are facing chronic diseases and depression at it’s all-time high, we need to look deep inside and reinvent ourselves. In this talk, which includes a short demo and Q&A, I’m going to share with you how a plantbased diet helped me master some of the hardest moves in Calisthenics (Street workout), why fad diets are not a solution, but also how important it is to strengthen one’s mind to become a great athlete, realise one’s potential and find meaning in life.

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