Hench Herbivore

Hench Herbivore

Vegan YouTube Personality

Paul Kerton is a vegan Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and runs the Hench Herbivore YouTube channel.

He has worked with the likes of Norwich City ex-Football Club Captain and Scotland International Russell Martin and Pro Golfer Sergio Barba and spent 6 months training with Mr Universe Barny du Plessis.

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Plant Based Gains

Paul will discuss how much of what we’re told about sports nutrition (especially relative to strength sports) is complete misinformation which he discovered when he switched from a meat heavy diet to eating completely plant based. He puts forth the case that a vegan diet is not just viable for athletes but is in fact optimal. He also speaks of the latest developments in nutrition science that will highly benefit athletes and non-athletes alike. Includes a Q&A session to finish.

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Panel: The Secret to Recovery

Recovery is a key element of staying injury-free and fit. Our panel of experts discuss their favourite recovery programmes.

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