Jeremy Cunningham

Jeremy Cunningham

Bassist for The Levellers

2nd June

One sister called Rebecca

Birthplace and beyond
Born in Cuckfield hospital, Sussex, then brought up
in Crawley. I moved to Brighton at 18… and stayed

First record you bought
The Clash – English Civil War

Instruments you play
I play bass guitar, mandola, and guitar..badly!

First band you joined
A band called ‘The Lowlife’ when I was at school

Musical Heroes
Joe Strummer, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Christy Moore

First gig you went to
The Clash at Crawley Leisure Centre in 1979

Favourite Levellers show
Too many to mention

Favourite Levellers song
Probably ‘England My Home’

New ambitions
I’ve done all the musical things you could ever want
to do, so my new ambitions are probably to do with painting and artwork

Do you have a ritual that you always do,
before you go onstage?

Drinking and smoking…!

Over the years, do you recognise faces in the crowd from previous concerts?
Yes, especially Corin from Australia, Richey and Daisy-Claire

What was the most rebellious thing you did at school?
Everything, up until I was expelled!

In your opinion, what makes for a truly great festival experience?

Do you find your views of the worlds political problems have changed with time?
Of course! The only people who refuse to learn from experience are politicians themselves! Yeah I’ve changed over some verses but the song remains
the same

1:00pm - 1:45pm

‘Sofa, So Good’ with Karin & Mike (Part 6)

Presenter Karin Ridgers and comedian Mike Kelson are joined by some famous vegan faces as well as brilliant comedians and musicians for TV show style sessions throughout the weekend.
Come and hear what the celebs have to say about their favourite subject – veganism – and join in with some laughs too.
Have some fun and be entertained!

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