Jeremy Hess

Jeremy Hess

Sanctuary Volunteer, Mentor, and Content Creator

Jeremy is a rights-based advocate. He creates content for social media to inspire us to respect our animal cousins and to be thoughtful about our advocacy.

He volunteers at FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary, creates content for the Vegan Publishers Facebook page, mentors new vegans, and runs Vegan Interactions which is designed to help us find our voice by sharing ideas and supporting each other.


What is Animal Rights?

Jeremy will discuss the true meaning of animal rights and how we can incorporate this into our advocacy using real-life examples. He’ll also share stories about the unique personalities of some of the animals who live at FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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3:00pm - 3:45pm

Panel: Maximizing the Impact of the Animal Rights Movement

This panel will cover a variety of challenging topics that animal advocates face.  The goal is to help us to be more thoughtful about our advocacy, as individuals and as a movement.

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