Julia Fry

Julia Fry

Vegan Life Coach

Julia Fry is a Life Coach who partners with people from all walks of life to build awareness around situations, people, life challenges and dreams, so they can identify actions to make the changes they want to see in their lives. Julia’s personal relationship with food has changed over time from being bulimic to treating food as yummy fuel. Julia’s first hand experience of working through the effects of childhood sexual trauma has taught her our ideas about what we can do to empower ourselves to make healthier choices change given our circumstances. What seems healthy at one time may seem completely unhealthy at another and it is best not to judge, but simply to notice. Julia is currently researching Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Trauma Releasing Exercises, and overcoming fear in climbing. As well as meditating, and a tiny bit of yoga every day, Julia is working on various art projects and co-facilitates inner resources workshops for individuals and organisations with her colleague, Veronica Tapp. Julia has been vegan since 2015, and believes it is the healthiest diet for humans, animals and the planet.


4:00pm - 5:30pm

Creating Healthy Habits Workshop

We all have a unique relationship with food, and often we dream of improving it – to cut out foods we consider ‘bad’, to include foods that are ‘good’ for us, to eat more or less frequently throughout the day, to drink more water or less alcohol and so the list goes on. The Creating Healthy Habits Workshop provides space and time for you to identify what healthy means to you, what path(s) will get you there and what single step you can take to immediately get you started. Come and feel inspired with us!

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