Julian Wilkinson

Julian Wilkinson

Co-founder of Vegans Against World Hunger

Helen Wright and Julian Wilkinson both initially became vegan for the animals but soon realised that veganism also has benefits for people and for the planet, including improving global food security and reducing the environmental impact of food production. They co-founded Vegans Against World Hunger, along with Sally King, after becoming aware of the lack of UK-based charities providing vegan food to people suffering from hunger, starvation and malnutrition.


Vegans Against World Hunger

During this talk, Helen and Julian will explain how Vegans Against World Hunger seeks to alleviate hunger by supporting projects that provide plant-based food or the means to produce it. They will also talk about the inefficiencies of using animals as food and how veganism can have a positive effect on global food security, water security, land use and the environment.


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