Khan Johnson

Khan Johnson

Kahn has a cat, MS, a girlfriend and a hatred of Trump. Sometimes these things get talked about on stage. Other times he goes for the easy option and talks about being vegan…

When he’s not on stage, he runs, or sleeps.

Unsweetened soya milk, as you ask. No sugar. But cake. Always cake.

Unsalted Popcorn
Sleazy Vegan

2:00pm - 2:45pm

‘Sofa, So Good’ with Karin & Mike (Part 7)

Presenter Karin Ridgers and comedian Mike Kelson are joined by some famous vegan faces as well as brilliant comedians and musicians for TV show style sessions throughout the weekend.
Come and hear what the celebs have to say about their favourite subject – veganism – and join in with some laughs too.
Have some fun and be entertained!

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