Mandy Wallace

Mandy Wallace

Volunteer for Animal Equality & member of Brighton Animal Equality

Mandy started campaigning for animals while still at school when she presented an anti vivisection petition to her biology teacher and tried to get her to sign it. She has since and for many years been a voluntary campaigner for a number of animal causes, especially farmed animal welfare. An enthusiastic and passionate supporter and volunteer for Animal Equality, Mandy is a member of the Brighton Animal Equality group. Since being involved with Animal Equality she has been impressed and inspired by the amount of public engagement they achieve with the use of their ground-breaking iAnimal virtual reality technology, showing the lives and deaths of factory farmed animals.

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Changing the World for Animals

Animal Equality are changing and saving lives with their groundbreaking investigations, campaigns and vegan outreach. Their 360 VR experience, iAnimal, takes people inside the lives of factory farmed chickens, pigs and cows and allows people to experience life and death as one of these forgotten animals. 
This talk will explain the highly effective work Animal Equality does, that has seen them become a top charity as rated by Animal Charity Evaluators. And discuss their pragmatic approach, encompassing both the why people should, and how people can try plant-based, that is helping thousands of people reduce and eliminate animal products from their diet. 

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