Marloes Wanrooij

Marloes Wanrooij

Organiser for Anonymous for the Voiceless

As organiser for Anonymous for the Voiceless: Brighton and animal rights activist in general, Marloes (also known as Moose) has only one goal in mind: ‘Total animal liberation’.

Tattooed & pierced, sanctuary volunteer and visitor, goat mum, nooch addict and newbie ‘Vegan Runner’, she eradicates stereotypes about vegans and activists and what they’re meant to look like, act like or feel like.


From Shy Vegan to Confidently Saving the World - the Beauty of Being an Animal Rights Activist

Being vegan can be lonely and being an activist can be hard. But combine the two and it’s a (cruelty-free) recipe for greatness. Allow me to share with you how my life changed for the better since becoming an animal rights activist.

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