Nathan Loughton

Nathan Loughton

Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer

I’ve been vegan for over 13 years and at age 37, never been as fit, strong, healthy and well-built as I am today. Many years ago, there were very little resources, information and well known vegan personalities as there are today, therefore most of what I have achieved over the years has been through my own research and trial and error.

I started weight training when I was 17 because I was a pretty skinny guy and wanted to add some bulk, so the first 6 years of working out were done on an omnivorous diet, as this was the only way I thought it would be possible to reach my goals. As you can imagine, going vegan was a daunting experience, I turned vegan overnight at 23 and wanted to continue to train as hard as I had always done. To my surprise, training became easier, I got stronger and found I could recover days quicker than before, just from the change in my diet.

Since then, I have experimented with different ways of eating and training methods, and my aim now is to share what I have discovered along the way with as many people as possible.


Building your body with plants

Nathan Loughton invites you to explore the benefits of plants to improve health, fitness, strength and muscle. If your goal is to become a more vibrant, physical person, then allow Nathan to guide you towards the right way to achieve your maximum potential. He will explore the latest ways to use diet, exercise and recovery to achieve the body you have always dreamed of.

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