Phoebe Frampton

Phoebe Frampton

Artist and Co-Creator of The Earthlings Experience

Phoebe Frampton is a vegan activist and artist and has been organising various activism events and campaigns within the vegan movement for 7 years. She and her sister together founded activism groups ‘London Vegan Actions’ and then the ‘The Earthlings Experience’ which became a new form of activism, with events taking place in more than 100 cities worldwide. She also performs spoken word and poetry to raise awareness about different injustices towards humans and non-human animals and encourage one love for all beings.


Why the Infighting?

Why are we fighting each other? We all want Animal Liberation, so why aren’t we united? We will look at some potential root causes to the disagreements, which once understood, can help us understand one another, become allies, and build a more powerful movement. Some of these issues are unique to the Animal Justice movement, while some have been experienced by other movements of the past from which we can learn. Understanding the ‘Ecology of Social Movements’, and our role in them, can help us build a more powerful movement together. This session will include an extended Q&A with the panel on the topic of infighting.

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Can Anyone really make a Difference? (BSL Interpretation available)

Phoebe Frampton shares the story of how and why she and her sister created The Earthlings Experience, which has since become a worldwide movement and completely transformed street activism today. And how and why YOU can also make a difference in your own creative way.

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