Rebecca Hastings

Rebecca Hastings

Vegan Dietetics Student at King's College

Rebecca studies Dietetics at King’s College, London and takes a ‘wholistic’ approach to health promotion and disease prevention. She believes understanding how to be healthy is only part of the solution; as important is feeling empowered to make the changes necessary and follow a new path. This involves looking at a person as a whole, in context with society, combining physical and mental well-being practices individually and as a community. Rebecca aims to combine movement, nutrition and meditation in her own professional practice, while working closely with other professionals to provide bespoke treatments for each person’s need. She regularly meditates, and enjoys the art of providing guided meditations for others. She currently trains in arte du deplacement, a form of free running that focuses on movement with creativity, mental challenges and deep reflection. This has helped develop a keen interest in sports nutrition and also highlights the important influence that nutrition, mindfulness and movement have on each other.

Her interest in nutrition and exercise came shortly after becoming vegan in 2012, upon realising the vast benefits the vegan lifestyle provides to overall health.

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Creating Healthy Habits Workshop

We all have a unique relationship with food, and often we dream of improving it – to cut out foods we consider ‘bad’, to include foods that are ‘good’ for us, to eat more or less frequently throughout the day, to drink more water or less alcohol and so the list goes on. The Creating Healthy Habits Workshop provides space and time for you to identify what healthy means to you, what path(s) will get you there and what single step you can take to immediately get you started. Come and feel inspired with us!

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