Stephen Coote

Stephen Coote

Vegan Bodybuilder

Stephen (@veganbodybuilding on Instagram) is a bodybuilder, powerlifter and founder of

Having been raised lacto-vegetarian since birth he is fortunate to have never consumed meat, fish or eggs and after learning about the ethics of dairy switched to a vegan lifestyle six years ago.

After going vegan he was repeatedly warned from all angles that the vegan diet was very unhealthy and he wouldn’t be able to get enough protein or iron.

This ignited a strong desire to demonstrate that a vegan diet wouldn’t compromise health or strength and was used as fuel to create a muscular physique weighing 210lbs (95kg) with just 8% bodyfat.

He found deadlifting well over a quarter of a ton (300kg) would usually quickly end any debates about “vegans being weak”.

Stephen then wanted to reach as many people as possible to dispel the common misconceptions around veganism and inspire others to adopt a vegan lifestyle which he does every day via, across social media and as an event speaker.

Stephen wants to show the world: vegans aren’t weak – we defend the weak!


Panel: The Secret to Recovery

Recovery is a key element of staying injury-free and fit. Our panel of experts discuss their favourite recovery programmes.

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Why Plant-Based Nutrition is Optimal For Everyone

Until recently a plant-based diet was thought to be a disadvantage for sports performance, but we now have evidence that it’s actually optimal.

A talk not to be missed – find out why so many athletes are now adopting plant-based diets and the benefits they gain./You’ll also find out why a plant-based diet is optimal for everyone, and can prevent and reverse many chronic diseases.

As well as sharing his own experiences Stephen will showcase other notable vegan athletes and dispel many common dietary myths about veganism.

Audience members will be given practical advice on simple things they can do to improve their health and fitness and shown the benefits a plant-based diet brings./Everything presented is backed by the latest in nutritional science.

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