Tom Vilasek

Tom Vilasek

Vegan Chef

I’m crazy, full of love and here to show you how to cook easy and healthy food. Originally I’m from the Czech Republic, but in 2006 I came to Brighton and I can never forget how excited I was, and still am about this city.

Since 2006 I have cooked in traditional British Pubs and Restaurants starting as a Commis chef, CDP, Junior Sous and Sous Chef… I also had the opportunity to take on the roll of Head Chef for a while until I realized I didn’t want to cook meat any more. I am grateful for all of the experience with international and English Head chefs from gastro, fine dining and Michelin Restaurants but I was always curious about cooking without using animal products. In the kitchen you learn every day but the big challenge for me is Vegan artistic kitchen. I think, make and create something different using mixed spices and herbs in my cooking and finding a new recipe is always very exciting.

Sometimes people ask, why vegan? Well. I have a simple answer. I was fat, I felt like snowman and I also had some health issues. So I started to make some changes and I found out just how amazing it is to be without meat and to feel great. After sometime I began to look at animals with a new, kinder perspective. I now respect them and I am happy when animals have a natural life and freedom.

So back to food… I would like to show you my skills, my creativity and fantasy and I would like to share the love inside me.

Thank You for stopping by and reading. Please let me know how you like the blogs and the recipes.

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Raw/Plant Vegan Dining Menu

1. starter – root remoulade

2. main – raw spaghetti

3. dessert – berrie ( seasonal could be strawberry ) tartare with chocolate caviar

Very yummy and simple dishes for your families and for yourselves. Let me show you how easy it is to make!

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