Trent Grassian

Trent Grassian


Trent Grassian is a full-time researcher and has spent over a decade working in anti-racism, LGBTQ+, disability rights and animal protection advocacy. He recently completed a PhD in Social Policy examining veg*n transitioners participating in UK-based campaigns, entitled: ‘A New Way of Eating: Creating Meat Reducers, Vegetarians and Vegans’. He also helps run London Vegan Voices.


Vegans don't live in a bubble: The central importance of the social world in understanding veganism

This talk will explore the central importance of culture, identity and the social world in our dietary choices, our willingness to adopt a vegan diet and our ability to maintain that diet. Drawing on a study recently completed as part of his PhD, which included the largest sample of meat reducers and veg*ns in the world, Trent will explore the central importance of socio-economic barriers in vegan transition.

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