Trent Grassian

Trent Grassian

Vegan Activist & Founder of 'London Pro-Intersectional Vegans'

Trent has spent over a decade working in anti-racism, LGBTQ+, disability rights and animal protection advocacy, including recently founding London Pro-Intersectional Vegans. In the rest of his time, he’s completing a PhD working with campaigns promoting meat reduction, vegetarianism and veganism to better understand their impact and people’s motivations and barriers. And playing with his dog, Rigby.

Power, Privilege and Veganism: Building an inclusive vegan community

How do our identities and experiences intersect with our vegan identities and how do they affect the way we engage with veganism?

This talk will provide you with concrete tools and resources to help create a more inclusive vegan movement that fights ALL systems of oppression.

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