Trade tickets

Trade professionals who wish to get a taster of the show without exhibiting can request Trade tickets to the event using the form below.

Trade professionals are welcome to apply for free Trade tickets to VegfestUK Brighton 2019.

Each successful applicant will receive 4 day tickets each (each of which can be used on either Saturday or Sunday).

The Trade tickets should be used privately amongst your colleagues / contacts, and NOT as the prize of an online competition.

Please note:

  1. Trade tickets must be requested via the online form, as we don’t automatically send out tickets automatically this end.
  2. All applications must be made by bona fide Trade professionals in order to be accepted – the Event Organisers reserve the right to reject applications from those who are not Trade professionals.
  3. All complimentary tickets applied for before Friday March 8th 2019 will be emailed out to you at around 6pm on Friday March 8th 2019, for you to forward onto winners / contacts. All complimentary tickets applied for from Friday March 8th 2019 will be emailed out at 6pm on the next day.
  4. All Trade tickets are e-tickets that can either be printed out and brought to the gate for scanning, or be scanned on mobiles / tablets.

For any queries regarding Trade tickets, please email