Volunteer Briefing Pack

Information for volunteers can be found below. Contact [email protected] for any further queries on volunteering.

Rewards for Volunteering

Free entry

Each volunteer who works a half-day shift receives 1 free ticket to the festival for the day of volunteering.
Each volunteer who works a full-day shift receives 1 weekend ticket to the festival.
All free tickets for volunteers will be emailed out to volunteers directly within 1 week prior to the event.

Meal voucher

Each volunteer who works a half-day shift receives 1 free meal voucher which they can use to redeem food at specific caterers mentioned on the voucher.


Cancellations are to be avoided if possible, as the event is run by a small team and volunteers are important to the smooth running of the show on the day. However, should cancellations be unavoidable, please take responsibility in letting the Volunteer Manager know in good time before the event and finding someone to take your place if you can. Roles will be pre-assigned and any no-shows will leave gaps for what are often-important roles.

Travelling to the venue

Directions to the venue

The event is located at the Brighton Centre.

Address: Brighton Centre, King’s Road, Brighton BN1 2GR

Getting to Brighton from all over the world could not be easier! The Brighton Centre is located on the south coast of England, only 53 miles (85 kilometres) from London and sit in the heart of the city. View the venue on google maps!

From outside Brighton


London Gatwick Airport has scheduled routes to over 170 cities worldwide. It is located approximately 28 miles (45 kilometres) from Brighton and can be reached in half an hour by either road or rail (a railway station is located inside the airport terminal).

London Heathrow Airport has more international connections than any other airport in the world. It is 90 minutes drive from Brighton using the motorway, or just under two hours using underground train to London Victoria railway station, and then fast express train service to Brighton. Fast coach services also run from both airports to Brighton coach station; 5 minutes walk from the Brighton Centre.


Brighton is connected to all areas of Britain via the Inter-City rail network, and is only 52 minutes direct from London Victoria.

The Gatwick Express departs London Victoria to Gatwick every 15 minutes and the fastest connection onto Brighton takes just 28 minutes.

There are frequent rail services into Brighton. Click on the link here for times and availability of trains between Brighton and London Victoria.

Brighton's railway station is centrally located; 10 minutes walk from the Brighton Centre - see Google map here for exact location.


You can travel to Brighton from all over the UK via coaches - see for instance the websites of Megabus and National Express for schedules and coaches available.

Brighton coach station is located within walking distance of the venue - see Google map here for exact location.


European delegates wishing to bring their cars can use one of the many car ferries to Britain. Brighton is Britain’s closest conference venue to the Continent, being approximately 2 hours driving time from the ferry ports of Dover and Folkestone, and only 30 minutes from Newhaven.


European delegates now have the option of travelling on the Eurostar service to St Pancras International where there is a direct train service to Brighton. Cars can be brought over by using the Eurotunnel from Calais to Folkestone (channel crossing time only 35 minutes).


Major improvements to the M23/M25 link means that dual carriageways run continuously from the M25 London orbital motorway to within two miles of the heart of Brighton

Within Brighton


There is no need for costly and complicated shuttle bus operations in Brighton due to the ‘walkability’ of the compact city.


Brighton and Hove Radio Cabs - 01273 204060
Brighton Taxis - 01273 358545
Brighton Taxis 4U - 01273 730730
Streamline Taxis - 01273 202020

Public Transport

Buses and taxis are plentiful throughout the city, 24 hrs a day. Buses run from all over the city and neighbouring towns regularly to the city centre where the Brighton Centre is located.



Parking - via other sources

For small vehicles, there is an NCP Car Park right by the loading bay on Russell Road. For prices, see www.ncp.co.uk

For large vehicles, there are 3 Council run Pay & Display Car Parks around Brighton & Hove allowing you to park for an unlimited period:

  1. To the eastern end of Madeira Drive, Brighton (between Brighton Pier and the Marina)
  2. Kingsway, Hove (between the Peace Statue and Fourth Ave)
  3. King Alfred Leisure Centre, Kings Esplanade, Hove (entrance to the right of Texaco Petrol Station off Kingsway, Hove)

Charges are between 9am - 6pm every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays. Tickets issued after 6pm start from 9am the following morning.

For other parking options in Brighton see links here:

Please note: Parking is NOT subsidised by the organisers.



VegfestUK Brighton has in place a number of measures to ensure that visitors with disabilities are welcome – please refer to the measures here.

Event Opening Hours

Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

Entrance for Volunteers

Before event opens: via the loading bay on Russell Road (postcode: BN1 2DX)
During opening hours: via the front entrance on King’s Road (postcode: BN1 2GR; please use the “Guest Tickets” lane)

Arrival – signing in and signing out

Signing in

On arrival, please sign yourselves in at the Volunteers Desk on the G/F of the venue – see floor plan here for exact location.
After signing in, you will be given a hi-viz jacket for identification within the venue.


Please try your best to arrive at the venue in time, as the show is run by a small team and punctuality from all staff is crucial to the smooth running of the event. But if you do arrive late, please inform our Volunteer Manager as soon as possible before the show opens, so that we will have time to come up with a contingency plan in your temporary absence.

Signing out

After you have finished your shift, please make sure to sign out at the Volunteers Desk, so that we know that you are off duty and are therefore no longer under our supervision.

Facilities at the venue

Baby Changing Facilities

Baby change is available in one of the female toilets in the Main Foyer on G/F - see floor plan for exact location.

Cash Points

There are 2 cash points at the venue, one on the G/F and another on the 1/F, both in the East Wing - see floor plan here for exact locations.

There are also other cash points near the venue - see map here.


There is a cloakroom located on the G/F, along the corridor to the North East corner of the venue (i.e. the Syndicate Wing). See floor plan for exact location.

Drinking Water

Free drinking water is available from the water fountains located in the toilets in the West and East Bars on 1/F. See floor plan for locations.

To help us reduce the use of non-recyclable containers, all staff, visitors and volunteers at the event are advised to bring their own water containers for filling up and refilling with water at the event.

First Aid

First Aid can be arranged via contact with the Information Desk on the G/F.

The venue's Medical Centre is located in the West Bar on 1/F.

First Aid cover will be available during setup, opening hours and breakdown.

See floor plan for exact locations.

Public Information Desk

The public Information Desk is located on the G/F, just next to the public entrance. The Volunteers Desk is located right next to the Information Desk.


Toilets are readily available in all parts of the venue.

Gender neutral toilets are located in the East and West Bars on the 1/F of the venue.

See our floor plan for exact locations.

Waste Disposal

There are a number of bins for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste provided by the venue for disposal of solid waste., and also a skip at the back entrance. Please do not leave rubbish at the venue at the end of the show - your assistance in removing rubbish is appreciated.

There is a skip in the Loading Bay for food waste disposal on site.

There are NO facilities for cooking oil disposal on site, so please make sure to take away any leftover cooking oils from the venue after the event.

No food waste or cooking oils should be poured into the sinks in the kitchen on 3/F.


Contingency measures

AV support

Should you be taking care of a certain featured area (e.g. talks / cookery demos) and you need some help with AV, please contact our AV technicians on site.

Contact details of our AV support team at the event will be available closer to the event.

Emergencies and Evacuation

In the case of emergencies, the VegfestUK team will communicate full evacuation.

If circumstances dictate that the event must be cancelled then the event organisers will advise the public accordingly and make arrangements for an orderly closure of the event site.

Heckling of talks / cookery demos etc

Heckling of speakers / performers is rare but it could happen.

In the case of heckling of a speaker / performer during a talk / cookery demo / performance, you should inform a VegfestUK staff as well as security. If you can, please explain to the crowd that as organisers we will not tolerate any heckling of our guest speakers, and unless the heckling stops immediately, the performance will be terminated and the guest speaker / performer will leave.

Lost Property

All lost property should be handed to security.

If you are a victim of theft or damage, please report this to the Information Desk or to your nearest security personnel or steward. The organisers, however, cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to your property.

Lost Kids

Any lost kids / parents should be reported to the Information Desk on G/F.

No-shows from speakers / performers

If your shift involves taking care of a certain featured area (e.g. talks room / cookery demos etc), and the next guest has not arrived for their session, please wait for another 15 minutes to see if there are people attending the session. If the guest concerned still has not arrived after 15 minutes, please explain to visitors to that area that the session has been cancelled.

Power cuts

If you are looking after a featured area (e.g. talks / cookery demos) and there is a power cut affecting your area, please explain to the guest speakers that they will have to do without any AV equipment for the time being, and that the technical staff will do their best to get the power back on as soon as possible, and please offer them our sincerest apologies.



Security is provided for the show from 8am on Friday until 8pm on Sunday.

Please take account of the following security advice from the venue:

  • Please make sure to wear your hi-viz jackets for identification as volunteers when you are on duty.
  • Please make sure to sign out at the Volunteers Desk after you have finished your shift(s), so that we know that you are off duty and are therefore no longer under our supervision.
  • Take home any valuable items each night.
  • Please be aware of possible terrorist activities and the fact that we are right in a busy area of Brighton. If you notice anyone behaving suspiciously, tampering with equipment, or any unattended bags or parcels please report this to security or a member of the VegfestUK team immediately.

Vegan Policy

VegfestUK Brighton is a 100% vegan event, so please make sure not to bring any animal products into the venue.

Also, as many of our visitors are passionate about the vegan cause, please do not wear any non-vegan apparels at the event. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Should you be unsure about any issues to do with being vegan or not, please contact the VegfestUK office in advance for clarification.

Other Policies

Alcohol Policy

Excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated by the organisers and the following points show the initial policy that will be used by the organisers with regards to the sale and consumption of alcohol at the event:

  • Any persons posing as a potential threat or otherwise to members of the public, staff, exhibitors etc will be removed from the event site by qualified security personnel.
  • Security will be briefed to monitor crowd behaviour and identify any persons who appear to be intoxicated and whose behaviour may cause offence or harm to other patrons.
Bad Language & Aggressive Behaviour
  • VegfestUK is a friendly event, and we do not tolerate bad language or aggressive behaviour from anyone.
  • If you encounter anyone displaying unruly/abusive behaviour, please ask a member of the event organising team (security, stewards), and we will assist if required.
  • There will be CCTV on site to monitor everyone’s behaviour, and those displaying aggressive behaviour will be swiftly expelled from the venue, and readmittance may be refused.

Children under the age of 16 are welcome at the event during opening times, but please note that they will not be allowed access to the venue during setup or breakdown. This is a Health & Safety requirement of the venue and is NOT negotiable. The issue is covered by law under section 4 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Kids Area, with a series of cookery classes for kids, is located in the West Bar on the 1/F of the venue. Please note the Kids Area is not a creche - an adult must remain with a child under 16 at all times including in the Kids Area.

Flyering at the venue

Unless agreed in advance with the organisers, flyering to visitors at the event is forbidden.


Assistance dogs are permitted access to the show. No other pets will be permitted access to the venue during the open period.


Smoking / vaping is not permitted by law anywhere within the venue.